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Long Underwear


Captain Mac is preparing for the cold blast of winter we will be having tomorrow, and he is in a quandary. We don’t know whether he is supposed to wear underwear beneath the pair of long underwear he has on. It seems a bit much to have that much, because then technically your underwear is under-underwear. We had some listeners ... Read More »

Addie sings Karaoke and we play UNO!


I got my daughter Addie a Karaoke machine for Christmas, and it was one of those gifts that stayed in it’s box for about a week because there were other things she wanted to play with. But as soon as I got it out of the box and it lit up, she has been inseparable with it. She started off ... Read More »

Hot Country Nights


We have been announcing the concerts every hour starting at 9 am this morning for the second half of WIL’s Hot Country Nights at Ballpark Village.  We are proud to announce that on February 13th at Ballpark Village, Jana Kramer will be performing a FREE show! You may know Jana Kramer’s hit single ‘Why Ya Wanna’ or as Alex Dupre ... Read More »

Horrible Christmas Gifts


Everyone has gotten Christmas presents they wish they hadn’t, but have you gotten a really horrible gift? We had some callers with some truly terrible Christmas gift stories including one where someone received USED body lotion. What was the worst present you ever received?   Click on the above audio to listen to this snippet in its entirety. Read More »

Christmas Shopping


I got all of my Christmas shopping done yesterday. I took a few hours and went to a reputable retailer and was able to get everything I needed under one roof! I know what I need to get, and when I can get all the gifts I need to buy, and maple sausage links at the same place, that is ... Read More »

Happy Christmas


We had a caller ask that I not say Happy Christmas, and instead use the more typical Merry Christmas. I think that there isn’t a obligation to say Merry Christmas, and that you could say Joyous Christmas or Happy Christmas if you want, this is America after all! We don’t need nitpickers this time of year, just be happy and ... Read More »

Best and Worst Toys in the World!


Little Big Town shared their most cherished toys when they were growing up, and one of mentioned that Stretch Armstrong was their favorite until they broke it.  I don’t buy it! We had 3 kids trying to bust Stretch Armstrong, and nothing busted until you cut him, and Captain Mac agrees! What was that one toy that you thought would ... Read More »

Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey send off for the Late Late Show.


The Late Late Show recently ended with it’s host Craig Ferguson and Ferguson’s former co-star of the Drew Carey Show, Drew Carey showed up to send him off. They played it as if the Late Late Show was just a dream of Mr. Wick, Ferguson’s character on the show. It was great to see these two together again, ending the ... Read More »

Irrational Fears


Judi gets mad at me for calling her Orange head, because when she was younger, a boy relentlessly made fun of her and called her Orange head. She claims that her hair isn’t orange, but I say it is. She has an aversion to the color orange in all things, except for pumpkins.  Do you have an irrational fear? We ... Read More »

Christmas Wish


We have the best listeners. A mother in need called into the show and explained that she needed tires for her truck, to help get her son who needs regular physical therapy to the hospital. Her truck has tires that are bare and have no tread on them. I reached out to the amazing and giving Bread Head nation and ... Read More »