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Dog Rage?

A bulldog left in an SUV apparently was not too fond of being left alone — especially with the windows up in Eureka, California. He made his situation known by blaring a car horn intermittently for minutes, off and on — becoming known as the “angry dog” or “road rage dog.” Someone videoed the dog and put it on YouTube Read More »

Lunch Link. A dog trying to learn to catch


While Miranda Lamberts dog does trick, my dog sleeps about 23.5 hours a day! Poor girl she is 15 years old, but she can still catch food! I mean if there is food she will grab it in an instant! But this golden retriever looks like a healthy great dog, but can’t catch food! You know how dogs are and ... Read More »



THE WEEK’S TOP SINGLES – RADIO AIRPLAY 1.BRETT ELDREDGE – Mean To Me 2.JASON ALDEAN – Just Getting’ Started 3.COLE SWINDELL – Ain’t Worth The Whiskey 4.CHRIS YOUNG – Lonely Eyes 5.ZAC BROWN BAND – Homegrown 6.DARIUS RUCKER – Homegrown Honey 7.SAM HUNT – Take Your Time 8.LEE BRICE – Drinking Class 9.BLAKE SHELTON Featuring ASHLEY MONROE – Lonely Tonight ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Last text from your ex


#FamousLastTexts people read from their ex – (last boyfriend/girlfriend, hook up, one night stand, whatever). So funny, must watch video! Do you have the last text on your phone still from your ex? Read More »

Lunch Link. Howie Pranked


I have always been a prankster! but this is Howie Mandel’s house and his house got toliet papered by his friend Roman Atwood who had a U-Haul FULL of toilet paper! The best part is his reaction to it when he gets home! Gotta watch it! Read More »