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Lunch Link.. 92 year old crashes 10 cars when leaving


This 92 year old Wisconsin man hit 9 cars while trying to pull out of the grocery store parking lot. Local law enforcement said the man will not but charge. In other news I showed this video to my grandpa and he was praising his above average driving skills! Read More »

Lunch Link.. How excited do you get for the snow?


There is nobody more excited than Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel when it comes to snow. Check out this great video of him getting excited about Thundersnow when it thunders and lightings while its snowing! This guy goes nuts over snow! Read More »

Lunch Link.. 88 year old charges the mound


Simply it’s an 88 year old who is playing some baseball and I guess the pitcher throws at him and he starts charging the mound. He’s ready to kick some butt! All brought to you by Big Stix Sports Bar and Grill in Breese, IL. Awesome place, especially on the weekends! They have live music both nights this weekend. They are ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Mustang speed date..


It is hilarious! We are gonna call it a Mustang Speed Date! It is a good lookin’ lady who goes on a blind speed dates with about 5 guys and she tries to act all conservative and sweet and the guys are all cocky and stuff. Anyway she is a professional stunt car driver and she gets in the brand ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Guy Sings 20 Loves Songs as 20 Different Artists


This guy is pretty darn amazing he sings 20 love song in 20 different styles and voices! He’ll sing a pop or rap love song in a Frank Sinatra voice! All powered by Big Stix Sports Bar and Grill in Breese, IL! Get ready for Party Gras with weekend! Live bands both Friday and Saturday night!   Read More »

Lunch Link. Hamsters Go on a Date for Valentine’s Day


This guy has way to much time on his hands. He has sent his 2 hamsters on a date for Valentine’s Day. He has built village for them to go on their date and a tiny dinner. It’s kinda creepy and crazy! All powered by Big Stix Sports Bar and Grill in Breese, IL. Each and Every day a fast speedy ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Some just can’t handle a stressful situation.


I’ve always been told that if someone is threatening your life is to just give them what they want just to get on with it. This guy is getting robbed which is very scary but, the thing is he handles it in a different way. I guess he has a bathroom problem. It does work out in his favor though. All ... Read More »

Derrick’s Pet Of The Week.

Coco Pro-A586491

Meet Coco! ID#A586491 Coco is a 2-year-old black Labrador retriever mix with a curious personality. She loves exploring the great outdoors and would be happiest in a home that will take her on adventures. Coco is housebroken, walks well on a leash, and knows basic commands. Give her a treat and squeaky toy, and you’ve made a best friend for ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Grandpa gets down!


It is a grandpa who is gettin down to the song “Turn Down For What.” It is pretty embarrassing, grandpa can dance way better than me! It’s hilarious! All brought to you by Big Stix Sports Bar and Grill in Breese, IL. Live entertainment, music each and every weekend! Great food too at Big Stix in Breese! Read More »