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I’ve got Merle Haggard’s greatest hits in one place. Gonna Miss you Hag

Hag on stage

This rainy day is fitting for a day like today with news that Merle Haggard passed away. When we lose a legend like we have with Merle Haggard I’m thankful for the technology that exists today.  Instead of hunting through crates of albums, 8 tracks, cassettes I just went to YouTube and found this collection of The Hag’s music.  Saw ... Read More »


zombie bo

WALKING DEAD FANS START PETITION TO HAVE AMC REVEAL WHO DIED Fans of The Walking Dead want to know: Who died at the end of season 6? One fan is so upset about the whole cliffhanger that he started a petition. The fan, from New Zealand, wants AMC to reveal who died. He says on his petition he’d like ... Read More »

Ways to Get Out of a Ticket, According to Actual Cops

cop car

We can all agree paying for tickets is no fun.  If you have a lead foot then this blog is for you.  According to actual cops, here are some tips that can get out of a ticket:  Kiss up to the cop BEFORE he goes to his car to run your info . . . don’t give one-word answers, but ... Read More »


Bo Headshot

In a month millions of high school and college seniors will be going out into the real world. What’s your deep — or not so deep — life advice. My best advice is the first one. Don’t borrow yourself rich with credit cards. Always encourage, never criticize. Listen twice as much as you talk, that’s why you have two ears ... Read More »

Did your favorite dog make the list of most famous? Mine didn’t!

Head shot of a large and beautiful English Bulldog breed dog looking straight forward into the camera

I’m BOFFENDED that Zelda the calendar “girl” didn’t make the top 23 most famous dogs, neither did Triumph the Insult Dog, Dog the Bounty Hunter or Snoop Dawg.  Wassupwitdat? To see the list of the 23 most famous dogs click here! Any dogs that you can think of that didn’t make the list? RROOFF!!! Bo   Read More »

Which one is the TV guy and which is the Radio guy?

KMOV Bo copy

You don’t need the help…but for the record that is Cory Stark on the left Weekend Anchor on KMOV Channel 4.  The tie gave it away didn’t it?  LOL! Cory called to invite me and everyone to a special (virtual) party for Country Music’s Party of the Year!   Plus listen for details on how to win the Bandana’s Country Mega ... Read More »

The most accurate way I forecast the weather

Weather glass 2

Really who can predict the weather?  Hats off to all those meteorologists who have completed the school, learned how to run all those cool weather forecasting gadgets but at our house we use Old School technology.  This is an antique that Daisy received from her grandmother that has been passed down through the family called a Weather Glass and was ... Read More »