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No Seatbelt? Seriously? CLICK IT OR TICKET!

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Have you seen the digital highway signs that say things like “No Seat belt? Seriously?” or around Mother’s Day Mac saw one sign that said “Mom says buckle up” or “Buckle up, Windshields Hurt” I’m so thankful for my father preaching to me when I got my drivers license to wear that seat belt every time.  I may have groaned ... Read More »



Go back to 2004. Gamers were leveling up in the brand new World of Warcraft. Google had just released a platform called Gmail. Facebook was connecting people for the first time. And you probably took calls on your Motorola Razr. Everytime we’re out and my wife Daisy sees a flip phone she says “I miss my flip phone”  We’ve both ... Read More »


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The Angry Birds Movie will have a unique after-credits scene, one that requires viewers to do some extra work in order to watch but also gives out a special addition to the popular game on which the movie is based. It turns out there is a scene — and one that actually unlocks a new area on the video game ... Read More »

Love charity golf scrambles? Want to golf Joachim Golf Course? Click here!

A golf ball close to the hole at sunset.

  The 4th Annual Blackcat Hoopster 2016 Golf Scramble    Proceeds support    the    Herculaneum    Girls    Basketball    Program       Date:  Saturday, June 25, 2016 Time:  1:00 pm Shotgun Start    Place:  Joachim Golf Course 959 Scenic Drive Herculaneum, MO 63048          636-479-4101    Tournament    Registration:    Price to Play $300.00 per    team    (makes checks payable to Blackcat Hoopsters) Entry fee   ... Read More »

Our first ever 5 Star Lounge experience!

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Finally made it to Des Pere Cinema to experience the Five Star Lounge.  Kind of like when you get to fly First Class for the first time.  We are ruined from here on out.  The movie Mother’s Day starring Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts wasn’t terrible although the reviews said so.  I’d still give it 2 1/2 barks because all ... Read More »


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A few years ago I was on the air and I was PM’d on Facebook from Seoul South Korea by Kristin, a US Army soldier she said she was streaming 92.3 WIL on her desktop at work and drinking her morning coffee. I said “it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon!”. She said “not at my desk a million miles away in ... Read More »

Hey that’s Chris Stapleton singing back up for Luke Bryan in 2013!!!

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I have played Chris Stapleton’s album Traveller more than any other album in the last 5 months.  However most people were introduced to Chris Stapleton in November 2015 at the CMA awards when he performed with Justin Timberlake, and what a performance it was…I still have it on my DVR to watch over and over whenever I feel the need. ... Read More »

What to do if you win the lottery?


Whether you play the lottery all the time or just tonight this is good info for anyone.  I got my tickets so if you don’t hear me on the radio tomorrow…then you’ll know why!  BTW your chances of winning tonight’s $500 million Powerball jackpot are more than 290 million to one. But we’re all about keeping hope alive. So when ... Read More »


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Did you get a gift card for Christmas?  Well if it’s one you don’t really want? Several websites solve the problem of unused gift cards, allowing consumers to buy, sell or swap cards for ones they know they will actually use. Surveys estimate that at least seven in 10 Americans will buy a gift card this holiday season. A few ... Read More »


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The numbers are in and if you’re on Instagram you might be responsible for these numbers…and maybe I was too!  HA! In 2015, Instagram was Taylorgram. And Jennergram. That’s because half of the most popular photos on the social media site this year were uploaded by Taylor Swift or Kendall and Kylie Jenner. … The No. 1 liked photo was ... Read More »

DRONE REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY and the government is serious! background

Drones are serious business and the government is wanting to know who’s got one. So if you own a drone, today (Monday 12/21/15) is the day the Federal Aviation Administration begins requiring registration. For now the process will be free online, but after January 20 anyone wanting to fly a drone will have to pay the US government $5 for ... Read More »

Star Wars weekend is in the history books…here’s how it shakes out!


I don’t think the dust has settled even in a galaxy far, far away but here’s some info regarding the debut weekend for Star Wars: The force awakens.  BTW I won’t be going to see it until the theater is at least just half full.  I need my space! STAR WARS BLASTS OPENING WEEKEND RECORD WITH $238 MILLION _ Star Wars: ... Read More »

Help get Hank Jr. into the Country Music Hall of Fame background

Is Hank Jr. the Pete Rose of Country Music?  As many times as Hank Jr., Bocephus or Rockin Randall has been mentioned in songs you’d think he was already in the Country Music Hall of Fame…HE’S NOT!  His legendary DNA, his songwriting prowess, his musicianship seems to be the perfect mixture to qualify him to be featured in the Country ... Read More »