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The numbers are in and if you’re on Instagram you might be responsible for these numbers…and maybe I was too!  HA! In 2015, Instagram was Taylorgram. And Jennergram. That’s because half of the most popular photos on the social media site this year were uploaded by Taylor Swift or Kendall and Kylie Jenner. … The No. 1 liked photo was ... Read More »

DRONE REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY and the government is serious! background

Drones are serious business and the government is wanting to know who’s got one. So if you own a drone, today (Monday 12/21/15) is the day the Federal Aviation Administration begins requiring registration. For now the process will be free online, but after January 20 anyone wanting to fly a drone will have to pay the US government $5 for ... Read More »

Star Wars weekend is in the history books…here’s how it shakes out!


I don’t think the dust has settled even in a galaxy far, far away but here’s some info regarding the debut weekend for Star Wars: The force awakens.  BTW I won’t be going to see it until the theater is at least just half full.  I need my space! STAR WARS BLASTS OPENING WEEKEND RECORD WITH $238 MILLION _ Star Wars: ... Read More »

Help get Hank Jr. into the Country Music Hall of Fame background

Is Hank Jr. the Pete Rose of Country Music?  As many times as Hank Jr., Bocephus or Rockin Randall has been mentioned in songs you’d think he was already in the Country Music Hall of Fame…HE’S NOT!  His legendary DNA, his songwriting prowess, his musicianship seems to be the perfect mixture to qualify him to be featured in the Country ... Read More »

Your Christmas Lights Could Screw Up Your Wi-Fi

xmas lights

Want a reason not to get the ladder out and hang Christmas lights this year, well here it is.  Your family will TOTALLY accept.  They might even THANK you for your laziness. Your Christmas lights could screw up your Wi-Fi. A British tech company studied how Christmas lights affect your Wi-Fi, and found that the electromagnetic interference from the lights ... Read More »


Happy Cyber Monday! When you think of drones you probably think of the easy to fly toys that have been out there for a few years, you might have been creeped out by some of the people getting in trouble flying their drone over their neighbors back yard to spy on the daughter by the pool.  Maybe you think of ... Read More »