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Roommate Agreements would be called Premate…Kinda like Prenup background

Other than the Big Bang Theory have you ever heard of an official Roommate Agreement?  With so many people deciding to live together before or instead of getting married maybe a Premate Agreement would be ideal.  That way if things don’t work out and you decide to separate then you’d just pull out the premate agreement  to find out who ... Read More »

MMA Fighter Michael Chandler stopped by to promote his next STL fight.


To this day I don’t know how these MMA fighters or heck boxers for that matter can separate sport from anger.  I’m telling you right now if you punch me in the face I’m gonna get mad…in the ring or out of the ring.  But these athletes do it every time they fight!  You know it is true because often ... Read More »


Students…need homework help? Back in the day kids had two resources: their textbook and mom or dad. Now kids can turn to smartphones for homework assistance — provided mom and dad aren’t afraid to break out a credit card. • GotIt! Math Homework Help – Snap a pic of your math or science question. A GotIt Expert reviews your question ... Read More »

#Hello are jeans that store and charge your iPhone…Finally!!!

So many people own iPhones that there are now jeans designed around them. Los Angeles apparel company Joe’s Jeans is currently taking pre-orders for a new line of jeans called #Hello that can charge your iPhone while you walk. What separates Joe’s #Hello jeans is the special pocket located near the back of the right hip where you can safely ... Read More »

Why? Why? Why is big game hunting a thing?

Big game hunting…why do people do it?  Not being a hunter I always lean on my friend Meegan Turnbeaugh who is a local celebrity and big game hunter…she set me straight awhile back when there was a picture of a young lady sitting next to a rhino and the web was up in arms and I felt the same way…WHY??? ... Read More »

If you’re a songwriter you might want to enter the International Songwriting competition background

So many talented musicians in St. Louis and it’s time to step up and show’em!  This is the info you’ll need to submit to the International Songwriting Competition. Called “the songwriting competition to take note of” by the prestigious New York Times,” the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) today announced its esteemed panel of judges for the 2015 competition. The panel includes ... Read More »