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Which one is the TV guy and which is the Radio guy?

KMOV Bo copy

You don’t need the help…but for the record that is Cory Stark on the left Weekend Anchor on KMOV Channel 4.  The tie gave it away didn’t it?  LOL! Cory called to invite me and everyone to a special (virtual) party for Country Music’s Party of the Year!   Plus listen for details on how to win the Bandana’s Country Mega ... Read More »

The most accurate way I forecast the weather

Weather glass 2

Really who can predict the weather?  Hats off to all those meteorologists who have completed the school, learned how to run all those cool weather forecasting gadgets but at our house we use Old School technology.  This is an antique that Daisy received from her grandmother that has been passed down through the family called a Weather Glass and was ... Read More »

Bald by choice like me? Check this blog.

south park bo

My wife Daisy knows that I love gadgets and since I’m bald by choice, yes I shave about every three days…she put this in my Easter basket.  At first I thought it was a matchbox car but at closer look I noticed the shaver part of this contraption. This is the Headblade ATX!  I tried it out this morning and ... Read More »

This blog will help make your Easter perfect!


The reason for the season is best summed up with a performance by Dolly Parton at the CMA awards from 1989.  Watch all the way till the end…it’s so worth it.   When it comes to Easter and the kiddos here’s some tips that might help with coloring eggs, egg hunts and even some cute Easter jokes. When you’re making ... Read More »

Are you the 20%?

south park bo

When we think of America…do you think America is a strong country?  Sure we have the best military and firepower to make us strong in the world.  However a strong America starts with each one of us to be stronger. In this world of binge watching, couch potato, and drive thru and delivery food it makes it so hard to ... Read More »

You can begin the #22kill Challenge at anytime…what is it?


Just before the beginning of March we saw Brantley Gilbert online taking the #22kill challenge and then challenging his BG Nation to do the same.  Challenge accepted! Check this out! For more info and resources please visit the #22kill campaign website Thank you and good luck! RROOFF!!! Bo Read More »


south park bo

Have you heard about Fireball…not the whiskey, the ride coming to Six Flags St. Louis this year? As we prepare to bring the heat with Fireball this spring, who better to take on this blaze than firefighters who battle the heat every day?!? Do you know any #HeroesOfTheHeat? Six Flags wants to hear their story. Nominate by April 3. We ... Read More »



Thinking of giving your young child an allowance?  I remember getting $5 per week in elementary school for doing chores around the house and keeping my room clean…well kinda clean.  Here’s what the experts are saying on allowance for kids. Experts say ages 5-8 are considered a good time for starting allowances. One rule of thumb suggests $1 for every ... Read More »

What the heck is a Bud and Broadway Starter Kit?

south park bo

First lets begin by looking at the actual definition of a Starter Kit.  It’s a Noun and its described as a set of articles or equipment providing the essential items and instruction for taking up a particular activity or process for the first time. It got me to thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have a starter kit for every ... Read More »