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Find Out Exactly How Smart Your Dog Is

If you’ve ever said…My dog is the smartest dog…then this is for you.  There’s a new test for sale, developed by doctors and scientists and other brilliant minds, that can tell you EXACTLY how smart . . . or dumb . . . your dog is. –The bad part?  It costs $60.  For $5, I bet we’d all do it. ... Read More »

Superbowl makeout commercial guy look familiar? Here’s why. RROOFF!!!

GoDaddy may not have received much positive feedback from their most recent Super Bowl ad, but actor Jesse Heiman seems to have come out on top. The 34-year-old starred in one of Sunday’s most talked-about commercials as the nerdy side of GoDaddy’s business model to Bar Refaeli’s sexy side. The duo proceeded to lock lips in a sloppy, saliva-filled makeout ... Read More »

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day exists!!! Celebrate! RROOFF!!!

Yup there’s an App for that too!  What?  Bubble Wrap App!   Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, so go ahead and enjoy the simple pleasure of popping the stuff that has protected millions of products over the last 53 years. … Bubble Wrap was invented in 1957 by two engineers in Hawthorne, New Jersey — Marc Chavannes and Al ... Read More »

Have you ever lost your child? Scary right?

Have you seen Tottoos? They’re temporary tattoos you put on your child’s arm. Each tottoo has the child’s parent’s contact info. Pretty smart idea, especially if you’re on vacation or going to the zoo and want a backup plan in case your child gets lost.  Feel free to SHARE this info with any parent. Read More »