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The Seahawks QB likes to listen to Kenny Chesney before a game!


I love this! The Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson listens to Kenny Chesney! Kenny came to practice with the Seahawks and they struck up a friendship. Judi was wondering why he listens to “She’s Got It All” and not “Boys Of Fall,” she thinks it would get you in the spirit of football! But “She’s Got It All” does have good melody and it ... Read More »

Do you know how Popeye originally gained his strength?


Here is something you may not know: Popeye originally did not get his strength from spinach, in early comic strips he got his power from rubbing a magic hen! Captain Mac thinks he got solicited by the the Spinach Lobby and thats why it changed? He would have a hen in his arm, rubbing the hen, then all of a sudden ... Read More »

Miranda Lambert talking about how she got the song “Little Red Wagon”


For this song she really had to do her PI homework and contact Deena Carter through a few different people, because she produced her record with “Little Red Wagon” on it and finally Miranda said she mustered up the courage to ask if she could cut the song, “Little Red Wagon” and asked her to sing on the song too! Miranda felt the ... Read More »

Social Media Users Aware of Their Friends Stress


People using social media don’t directly have high stress, but they are more aware of their friends stress. I noticed recently people with more chronic neck and back problems because we are always looking down at our phones. I say hold the phone/tablet up high to the Heavens! But we should develop something like the selfie stick but for looking at ... Read More »

Thomas Rhett and his temperment


Thomas Rhett is telling us how he is an open book about how he feels. If he his in a bad mood you’ll know it or if he’s in a good mood you’ll know, but his wife Lauren is the opposite it takes her 3 hours to talk about it. Judi said she needs time to process what is wrong too, ... Read More »

Lady Throwing Bacon and Man Angry over Fresh Sheets


Crazy Island! More and more people seem to be on edge doing crazy things for no reason! Like the 24 year old lady from Massachusetts who was throwing bacon and sausages at the cop behind the window. When they were arresting her she told them she was “I’m here feeding the pigs” Pigs don’t even eat pork! Like Captain Mac said that ... Read More »

A Country Star singing “Mandy” by Barry Manilow, Can you guess?


Barry Manilow started out by writing jingles and then became wildly popular with songs like Coco Cabana! We feel like everyone sung this song! Do you remember singing this song? Captain Mac even shared with us that Barry got his start playing piano for Bette Midler! We have a country star singing “Mandy” by Barry Manilow, can you guess who ... Read More »

Tabasco Files November 12, 2014


Happy Humpday from #tabascofiles!  Here’s what’s trending for today Chick-Fil-A Manager has banned teens who work for him from using slang words like “salty, ratchet, barely, and bae”, although he will allow words like “chill” to be used but only if used properly during their work, like your soda will be very “chill”! Here’s the Buzz60 video!  Subscribe to them, ... Read More »

Netflix Hacks! Get the BEST from your Netflix!

tabascofiles image

As we talked about on The Cornbread Show, here are some great Netflix Hacks!  Especially that “buffering” thing we all hate!  Here’s the article with all the great tutorial links for BEST NETFLIX HACKS The Dreaded “buffering” is the worse to me! and also here is a tutorial video I found from Youtube on Netflix Read More »

Cornbread Moment October 1, 2014 The Invisible Parent

cb take 2

If you heard today, the Cornbread Moment called “The Invisible Mother/Father”?  It was originally written by the talented Nicole Johnson.  You can read all about her at her site Here: FRESH BREW OF LIFE And if you would like to hear it again, here is the Cornbread Segment from this morning: Read More »