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People spend an average of $80 on the Super Bowl


People spend almost $80 bucks a person for the Super Bowl! I dont know if that is on nacho cheese or if thats broken tvs! Judi spends her $80 bucks on shopping! She said it is the best day to go, there isn’t anyone at the mall. The last time she watched the game was 3 years ago when I invited ... Read More »

Did you know Sony sold Walkman cassette players till 2010!?


Sony was producing and selling the Walkman Cassette player until 2010! That’s cute, to me! I heard the story last night of someone talking about a CD player and when I worked at a different country radio station I had to play the music off a home CD player because they didn’t have the money for the new industrial commercial ones. ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Thursday, January 29, 2015


Super Bowl Wishes Come true for terminally ill boy, and his reaction is beautiful!  It’s a “Get a Tissue” #Tabascofiles here: You know how much I LOVE the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars song “Uptown Funk” and on yesterday’s #Tabascofiles I shared a very cool arts teacher who did a flashmob video with his entire school.  TODAY’s uptown funk parody comes from ... Read More »

Have you heard of this new app People Keeper?


They have something out called People Keeper and it scientifically determines which people you should eliminate from your life, I’m not sure how it does that. It does this by somehow tracking your heart rate as you talk to people and tells who which of your friends make you the most stressed, nervous, and angry. Judi said that her son ... Read More »

Coolest Teacher Uptown Funks it, GROSSEST THING in can of tuna AND GUYS dancing in heels!


Happy #Humpday from Judi’s Tabasco Files!   #Tabascofiles Wednesday 1/27/15 THIS has to be the COOLEST Teacher!  Check out A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School Teacher re-create with his students a GREAT video for UpTown Funk!  Check it out! My teachers weren’t that cool in school! HILARIOUS reactions from people in the NEW TESLA!  Check out the video from ... Read More »

Channing Tatum talking about his Imaginary Friend


This is absolutely adorable! Channing Tatum is talking with Jimmy Kimmel about his imaginary friend when he was growing up! His name was Boy and he loved peanut butter sandwiches and cheetos, stuffed inside! Did you have an imaginary friend? Judi tells us she never did, but Shira and Leo both had one! She thought they were just blaming it ... Read More »

DeflateGate continues! Real People Feel the Balls! Tabasco Files 1/27/15


Police Want changes to the Navigational App WAZE, see story, and do you agree? Buzz60 did a “man/woman of the streets” to TEST a “Deflated Balls”!  Check it out: BUZZFEED posted a GREAT story that is trending up about The Biggest Plus Size model signed to an agency!  Her name is Tess Holiday and she is a size 22, and ... Read More »

Carrie Underwood and Judi Diamond talking about Motherhood


Take a listen to Judi Diamond and Carrie Underwood chatting about motherhood! She is such a nice gal! Captain Mac told us that Bo Matthews is hurt because Carrie won’t let her husband name their baby Bo! We think the name Bo, could have been tainted when Carrie was on the American Idol with Bo Bice! Because we know our ... Read More »