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Bed Bugs and A Couch from Craigslist


This couple from North Carolina got a couch off Craigslist for $250 dollars, took it home and then started noticing they had all these red splotches all over their bodies. Don’t get me wrong I sell things off of Craigslist and sometimes buy off Craigslist, but only new items. After going to the doctor they found out they had bed ... Read More »

The Big Jason Aldean Debate


Jason Aldean “You’re The Love I wanna Be In” Judi just isn’t a fan of Jason Aldean anymore since he’s with another women! People get divorced Judi! I’m just messing – no judgment here! Read More »

Tabasco Files Wednesday, April 15, 2014


Happy #tabascofiles #humpday!!!! Couple announce their “expecting” ala “Fresh Prince” is hysterical, cute and trending! Forget that yellow/white or black/blue dress thing.  NOW it’s a math problem that’s got peoples heads scratching virally: All across Canada Target stores are closing. A quardet of talented no more employees of Target decided to say one last goodbye with a Semi-sonic cover “Closing ... Read More »

Zack Brown’s Baby Boy is Giant!


His son’s name is Alexander Frost! The funny thing about that is that his kid will be 6’10 and he’s only 5’6 and his wife is tiny too! It’s crazy! We love how he calls him a bowling ball! So cute! Read More »

Tuesday #Tabascofiles April 14, 2015


These young teens are rocking it out and going viral!  They’re only 10, 13, and 15! Check them out: Is this the funniest laugh you’ve ever heard?  Do YOU have a stranger laugh?  Or, perhaps, you know someone who does? This report from CNN is a little disconcerting (especially cuz I will be flying out to L.A. soon!)  This updated ... Read More »

Coach Mike Matheny Calls!


It’s a yearly tradition for Mike Matheny, coach of the St. Louis Cardinals, to call the show every year of Opening Day! He’s not superstitious but he’s also not stupid! Our conversations are normally 15 minutes long going off on tangents and random things, but I’ll play the whole interview tomorrow morning! Read More »

Monday Tabasco Files April 13th 2015


Happy Cardinals Home Opener Day!  GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In honor of Cardinals Home Opener, here on #Tabascofiles for today is a look back at 2014 Cardinals Highlights: I thought it would be nice to share a soldiers reunion with his parents during a hockey game as a way to make you smile on a Monday!   Enjoy! IKEA, soon to be ... Read More »

Cornbread Makes an Apology


I think when you make a mistake you need to admit it freely. I had brought up the South Carolina shooting and hadn’t seen any of the video, but I had read what I believed to been facts until I saw the video. The cop said that the guy went for the taser, that he ran, and I just said ... Read More »

A #TGIF Tabasco Files!


Yesterday afternoon, Taylor Swift posted a blog on her tumbler that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer.  Having met her mother, and spent a little time chatting with this sweet, kind woman, who has been Taylor’s rock since she was born, it just simply saddens me.  CANCER SUCKS!  My mom, grandmothers, sister-in-law, sister and so many friends are either ... Read More »

TBT Tabasco Files April 9, 2015


Would you choose the Beautiful or Average door!?   Sadly, women all around the world think they are……..average.   See the whole thing here:   Journey of a mommy and baby elephant re-united after 3 years is breathtakingly beautiful! SHARE! No Napping!  At least not at IKEA stores! Uber has a new product that is actually a good idea!  Curbside ... Read More »