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Tabasco Files #TGIF! January 9, 2015


Happy #TGIF #Tabascofiles!  Ya got through the first work week of 2015!  Hope it was a great one for you!   Let’s see if I can make your Friday even better with what’s trending and hot! Country Mashup that’s incredible! Cutest Pitbull (no, not the singer, a DOG!) that actually nods his head “yes” and “No”!  Shareworthy trending up here Apparently ... Read More »

Random Facts!


Did you know there is a town in Alaska that has all 200 people living in a 14 story building? I would love to see this town, and see what they do. Maybe it is a oil rig or a excavation town. Do you know which movies George Lucas of Star Wars fame has directed other than Star Wars? THX ... Read More »

The Origin of The Band Perry


The Band Perry has been blowing up lately. It’s the older sister and the two younger brothers, and they are like the Osmonds back in the day, and they put out some pretty darn good music! But you don’t know how they ended up becoming a band. I love this story, the older sister asked her brothers to help her ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Thursday, January 8, 2015


Happy #TBT #Tabascofiles!  See Cornbread and Taylor Swifts #TBT by scrolling down!  But FIRST up on today’s hot, trending and viral files: So, you come home after a hard days work, you are hankering for sitting on the couch with a nice cocktail!  But, Alas!  You don’t have exactly what you want?  How about coming up with a new cocktail ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Do ya watch Family Guy?  Well, meet a REAL LIFE Peter Griffin!  This guy is HILARIOUS: Sewer sludge water into DRINKING WATER????   Would YOU drink it??  Well, Bill Gates believes in it and here he is, DRINKING GROSS (IMO) POOP WATER! Hey, if the invention on the Gates Foundation can get people healthy and save children?  I guess we should ... Read More »

Long Underwear


Captain Mac is preparing for the cold blast of winter we will be having tomorrow, and he is in a quandary. We don’t know whether he is supposed to wear underwear beneath the pair of long underwear he has on. It seems a bit much to have that much, because then technically your underwear is under-underwear. We had some listeners ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Tues January 6 2015


Woman gets dumped just 5 days before her scheduled wedding!  SOOO, what did she do?  Eat a gallon or two of ice cream?  Naaaa, she did something much cooler!  With a splash of paint a viral blog!  She held a “Trash The Dress” Party and the dress is now being displayed to raise money for a movement to empower women!  ... Read More »

Addie sings Karaoke and we play UNO!


I got my daughter Addie a Karaoke machine for Christmas, and it was one of those gifts that stayed in it’s box for about a week because there were other things she wanted to play with. But as soon as I got it out of the box and it lit up, she has been inseparable with it. She started off ... Read More »

Tabasco Files is BACK! Monday, January 5th, 2015


Happy New Year!  Hope you enjoyed your Holidays and got to spend some time with your loved ones!  It’s been a nice break for myself, and I’m so ready to get back into what’s HOT and Trending!  LOVE this rapping dad!  DEFINITELY worth watching!  This started rising last night on Reddit, and although it was filmed last July, it’s finally ... Read More »

Hot Country Nights


We have been announcing the concerts every hour starting at 9 am this morning for the second half of WIL’s Hot Country Nights at Ballpark Village.  We are proud to announce that on February 13th at Ballpark Village, Jana Kramer will be performing a FREE show! You may know Jana Kramer’s hit single ‘Why Ya Wanna’ or as Alex Dupre ... Read More »