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DeflateGate continues! Real People Feel the Balls! Tabasco Files 1/27/15


Police Want changes to the Navigational App WAZE, see story, and do you agree? Buzz60 did a “man/woman of the streets” to TEST a “Deflated Balls”!  Check it out: BUZZFEED posted a GREAT story that is trending up about The Biggest Plus Size model signed to an agency!  Her name is Tess Holiday and she is a size 22, and ... Read More »

Carrie Underwood and Judi Diamond talking about Motherhood


Take a listen to Judi Diamond and Carrie Underwood chatting about motherhood! She is such a nice gal! Captain Mac told us that Bo Matthews is hurt because Carrie won’t let her husband name their baby Bo! We think the name Bo, could have been tainted when Carrie was on the American Idol with Bo Bice! Because we know our ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Monday, 1/26/15


Happy Tabasco Files #tabascofiles Monday!  Check out this GREAT song from “Blaze” called “Brad Paisley!  It actually caught Brad Paisley’s attention and now ours!  Brad Tweeted Blaze back saying he’d Jam with the guy!  Remember Taylors first hit was “Tim McGraw”…well, could this be the next BIG THING? Hey, I love Instructables and Pinterest more than anything, BUT, this one ... Read More »

Blake Shelton on Jimmy Fallon Last Night!


I think one of the most beautiful things about Blake Shelton is that when he is on the show The Voice and there is a lot that he doesn’t know about pop culture, like Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine. It is somewhat endearing that he lives in a world that doesn’t have all the new fangled stuff and he tries ... Read More »

Kids submitted New Quote Ideas for Candy Hearts


It is getting close to Valentine’s Day, couple weeks out! The little conversation hearts picked 3 new phrases for this year and all suggestions were submitted by kids! They picked: Girl Power, Pugs and Kisses, and Love 2 Dance! We think they missed the point just a little bit! My picks would have been: Wanna Make Out?, Nice Butt, Wow ... Read More »

Introducing Douglas “Big Rhythm” Douglason! (uhh….looks like Dierks Bentley!) :)


Gotta Love Dierks Bentley and definitely his sense of humor and love of 90’s country music!  His “Alter-Ego” persona and band called The Hot Country knights has their own youtube channel, facebook page, the whole nine yards!  Here’s their first video performing Travis Tritt’s “Put Some Drive In Your Country”! Gotta love the Mullett!  #tabascofiles loves IT!  The group will ... Read More »

Little Boys First Kiss Explained, ADORABLE #tabascofiles 1/22/15


Tabasco Files for Thursday, January 22, 2015. Wil Ferrill BEAMS a cheerleader at a basketball game.  Was it for the film?  Did She know? Well, Yes…it actually was for a movie he’s filming with Mark Wahlberg.  BUT I was FOOLED!  I totally thought he beamed a real cheerleader! This kid, looks to be about 6 or 7, explains with such ... Read More »