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Tabasco Files #Festivus, Christmas Eve Eve Files!


Happy #Festivus Day on #tabascofiles!  The Seinfeld created Holiday that is a “non-denominational holiday celebration that includes airing of Grievances and a pole”!  So Happy Festivus and may your pole be straight and your grievances few!  Got any grievances? Mine would be Isis and Ebola! And trending today on Tabasco files The St. Louis Blues version of “Home Alone” is ... Read More »

Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey send off for the Late Late Show.


The Late Late Show recently ended with it’s host Craig Ferguson and Ferguson’s former co-star of the Drew Carey Show, Drew Carey showed up to send him off. They played it as if the Late Late Show was just a dream of Mr. Wick, Ferguson’s character on the show. It was great to see these two together again, ending the ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Monday, December 22, 2014


It takes a bit of time for her to get it, but the reaction when this little girl figures out she’s having a baby sibling on the way, is PRICELESS!  Got to about 2:40 and start from there:   Precious!  This Ad campaign is a winner at pulling at the heartstrings!  It’s an ad for a 3D Print company, and ... Read More »

Irrational Fears


Judi gets mad at me for calling her Orange head, because when she was younger, a boy relentlessly made fun of her and called her Orange head. She claims that her hair isn’t orange, but I say it is. She has an aversion to the color orange in all things, except for pumpkins.  Do you have an irrational fear? We ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Friday, December 19 2014


A Great Marriage Proposal, IMO, never gets old, and this is simple and adorable!  A Couple go into one of those photo booths and before the 2nd shot is taken (with only 4 seconds to spare!) the guy pulls out a ring from his pocket and asks his girl to marry him!  What follows is her reaction, her acceptance, and ... Read More »

Christmas Wish


We have the best listeners. A mother in need called into the show and explained that she needed tires for her truck, to help get her son who needs regular physical therapy to the hospital. Her truck has tires that are bare and have no tread on them. I reached out to the amazing and giving Bread Head nation and ... Read More »

Tabasco Files December 18, 2014


What’s trending today?  Lots.  Some of what we talked about on today’s show: Finally succumbing to pressure and losing possibly millions of dollars, Sony Pictures has decided to pull “The Interview” from its’ intended December 25th release and there is no plans as of yet, to release it.   Allegedly rumors and news outlets have said it IS North Korea that ... Read More »

Christmas Memories!


Tim McGraw shared his favorite Christmas memory on the Cornbread show. Our listeners shared some of their favorite Christmas memories, and they are both touching and funny. I remember chasing my sister around with the ripcord of the STP racer. Mac would turn any toy into a weapon as a kid! Judi’s favorite Christmas memory was getting a can of ... Read More »

Conversations that Guys Checkout of


God made girls, and he also made guys and he made us a bit different. What we like are different. Studies show what you women already know, that we checkout of a lot of conversations, that we just glaze over and that we have an attention span of 6 minutes. Top conversation topics that make us tune out include stories ... Read More »

Age of Adulthood


  Age where you are legally an adult in Saudi Arabia is 8 for girls and 14 for boys. I wonder what you can do with that? Can you drink? Smoke? Drive? They have princes or kings in Saudi Arabia, you don’t even vote, they just tell you who the king is. I don’t even think they like drinking there. ... Read More »