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Video gaming gets Athletic Scholarships? HUH? #Tabascofiles

Cornbread thinks Cheerleading isn’t a sport???  Perhaps he’ll change his tune when he hears about THIS #tabascofiles story!  According to this article:,0,4334654.story Playing the very popular (and growing more popular every day) “League of Legends” could get you an athletic scholarship to Robert Morris University in Chicago!  WHAT?   Well, according to the Associate Athletic Director, although the game may ... Read More »

Best First Date EVER!!! LOVE THIS

cute girl

A heartwarming #tabascofiles for the sweet dads and anyone with a heart: on the count of three:  1, 2, 3:  AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! New Promo with the New Voice Judges Gwen Stefani and Pharrell is ON:  check it out: #tabascofile Read More »

Banned Grey Poupon Ad is hysterical! Do YOU think it’s funny or dumb?


HILARIOUS #tabascofiles of the day!  Remember that snobby mustard “Grey Poupon”?  Well, they made a commercial that got pulled but I THINK it’s HYSTERICAL!  What do YOU think?  And what do YOU poop on? Katie Couric is OFF the Avail List! it interesting that this was her tweet?  “So excited to make my debut as Mrs. John Molner!” You ... Read More »

Silly or Brilliant? Guy Travels the world in a BATHROBE! And MORE #tabascofiles is HERE

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 8.56.17 PM

Entrepreneur Barbie! OH, What a DOLL!  Happy #TGIF from #Tabascofiles! Guy Travels Around the world and is Instagram Viral cuz he’s dressed in just a ….??? How do these people get the MONEY to DO This kind of stuff! I vote for A CORNBREAD CRUSADE TRAVEL EXPEDITION! The Cornbread Show will travel all over the world taking Instagram photos ... Read More »

Ghost Caught on Camera and Yadi ATTACKED! #Tabascofiles is ON

cb rooftop

Here’s your #humpday #tabascofiles for Wednesday, june 18, 2014!  Thanks for your ears, eyes and shares!  First up, I had NO IDEA that choosing All Stars could be SO political!  Now, I do KNOW this is tongue in cheek, but to attack Yadi AND our beloved Cardinals personally?  Just for some votes?  COME ON!  Check it out: Optical illusion ... Read More »

Funny Lip Syncing Cops, Keith Urban does beautiful thing and MORE…

Texas Cops Facebook likes as they try to appear “human” by lipsyncing in the cop car to katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” #3 on #tabascofiles #2 #tabasco files is a country classy couple doing good! Keith urban and his Beauitful and talented actress wife Nicole Kidman visited a childrens hospital and sang an impromptu amazing grace that is heartwarming! Check ... Read More »