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Underwear on the Highway!


I felt like I was going crazy earlier! I had a note written down about a story of underwear being found on the highway, but when I googled it I could not find the story. Luckily, I have amazing listeners who, along with having some excellent stories to tell, helped me figure out that I am not crazy and that ... Read More »

NASA Parody All about That Space Tabasco Files is ON 12/12/14

judi jinglefest 2013

So ya that NASA peeps geeks?  Well, not so much…or. perhaps after you see them dance in the NASA center the parody “It’s All About The Space” you might think…”hmmm….rocket scientists?  Yea.  Still geeky! lol! EXTREME BARBIE JEEP RACING 2014 What is the best day of the week to book the cheapest airline flight? Watch buzz60 and find out: BEARD ... Read More »

Whoopi farts on The View, and more embarrassing stories!


What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?  Whoopi farted with such velocity and viscosity on the view that if you were wearing a wig, it would have blown it off! You have got to listen to this segment from the show this morning, and hear two listeners share their embarrassing stories! Click on the above audio ... Read More »

BEST 2014 YOUTUBE Rewind! Tabasco Files EXTRA!


I’ll bet you forgot HALF of what went viral and trended on was on #tabascofiles in 2014.  This video raps it up beautifully!  ENJOY! There’s a reason that youtuber stars are now t.v., movie and recording artist stars!  From 9 second vine videos to minutes of makeup tips, youtube has the stars , and who knows, 2015 it could be ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Thursday, Dec 11, 2014


Whoopee Cushion NOT NEEDED!  Whoopee let it RIPPP while filming “The View”!  Check it out: Also, a total BRUCE LEE look alike from of all places, Afghanistan !  Check Bruce Hazara here HOT TUB MACHINE II TRAILER IS ON AND TRENDING UP:   Read More »

7 People Control the Internet!


This is so bizarre! There are 7 people on earth that have the actual physical keys to the internet! I didn’t even know there were keys to the internet, I thought we just built it together, and that it’s like Christmas lights that we can just turn on and off! They come together every 3 months and put their keys ... Read More »

JAMMIETIME! #tabascofiles last minute add!


The Holderness Family is BACK!  Last year their Jammies Christmas video went viral and people LOVED them, well THIS year they’re back and better than ever!  What a year they’ve had and they are an adorable family!  I had to subscribe!  You can check out the video here: Read More »

Tabasco Files Wednesday, 12-10-14


Walking on Water!  This is incredible!  Beautiful and just shows how God paints the most beautiful pictures for us all to enjoy!  Check it out: Also trending on twitter in the 6:00 hour was #Cubs #worldSeries and #Lester To The Cubs, why?  Because The Cubs have acquired John Lester for a cool $155 million and there was a LOT Of ... Read More »

Lamest Christmas Gifts


There is a survey of the lamest Christmas gifts that people have received, and I disagree with a few of the items on the list. Food, I love getting food. Who doesn’t love food? Restaurant gift cards have to be very popular. On the list is clothing, why clothing? I think probably because if you are buying for a woman, ... Read More »

Woes of an older Dad


I’m an older dad, I had my first child at 42. You’re not supposed to have kids when you’re that old. God intended you to have kids in your 20’s, that’s why you have so many hormones. I’m a 48 year old dad right now. My kid is absorbing my life right now which I feel is unfortunate for her, ... Read More »