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Employment After Deployment – Lela Bremen

Lela Bremen Pic

Lela Bremen served 10 years in the US Army. Se’s also a member of the National Guard. Aside from running Patriot Missiles and serving on a Military Funeral Honors Detail Lela is a paralegal. I love Lela’s outlook on life. She’s filled with an unrelenting love of challenges and doesn’t stop until a solution has been discovered. Plus, during discovery, ... Read More »

The Ultimate Lego Organization


Will it stick or is a passing fad? My son, Alex, is the worst at putting away Legos. If you’ve played with Legos you know how they end up all over the room. My wife, please forgive her, has muttered every work in the book after stepping on tiny pieces hidden in the carpet. My boy’s floor is cover from ... Read More »

Fall Is The Best…Here’s Why

fall sq

There’s something about Fall that is special. Summer is great with sunny, hot days spent at the beach. Spring is cool with gentle rain and I love drifting snow in the winter. But Fall…it’s hard to duplicate all the great things about Fall. Brain dump time! Things I love about Fall The sound of High School Football The smell of ... Read More »

First time…it’s always so sweet

Brad Paisley

They stand out like a sore thumb…kids who are going to their first concert. Boys have their boots on, wearing new dark blue Wranglers, a sweet pearl button, plaid shirt with a cowboy hat pulled low over their eyes. Girls dress the same or wear a county type dress. Oh yeah, they’re always wide eyed and staring at the craziness ... Read More »

This Guy Made Toby Keith Cry


I love the patriotism that is oozing from this man…93 year old Lt Col Harry Frizzell (ret). He was on stage with Toby Keith for his encore in NC. WOW! This Lt Col Reizzell is amazing. He made me cry. He made Toby cry. The way he delivers his final line just kills me. He starts talking at 10:51 and ... Read More »

92.3 WIL Hi-Lo Cash Machine!


Get ready to be IN THE MONEY with 92.3 WIL’s HI-LO Cash Machine, it’s the easiest way to win thousands in cold hard cash!  You guess it…you win it! The 92.3 WIL Hi-Lo CASH Machine is your chance to win one of several cash jackpots!  Starting Thursday, August 13 at 7:20am, listen for your cue to call.  If you’re the 25th caller ... Read More »

St. Louis Country 6-7-15

Missed the 6-7-15 St. Louis Country show? Watch it here! Get Your Country On! St. Louis Country is your gateway to the biggest country video show in the Midwest. St. Louis Country is taped every Wednesday evening at Wild Country in Collinsville. Tune in to see St. Louis Country every Sunday night on ABC 30 at 10:00pm Read More »

Ever Wonder Where Your High School Friends End Up?


This video of the Judge recognizing the crook in her court reignited something I’ve always wondered. I’ve always wonder what happened to the kids I graduated with. The ones I was friends with and the ones I just knew their names. Who became a lawyer, priest, football player. Who got into politics and who ended up in jail. I wonder ... Read More »