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PODCAST: Bud and Broadway ACM Recap

What did we think of the ACM awards? Listen and find out all about the performances, Cassadee Pope’s tattoos, Dolly w/ Katy Perry and Jason Aldean winning Entertainer of the Year! Read More »

Carrie Underwood’s Committed to Health

CLICK ON THE PIC and see this really cool way to make you look like Carrie Underwood.  Ok that might be stretching a little but it is cool. New gadget for underneath the table on the bus. Now, I can keep moving on those long bus rides! This isn't an advertisement…just thought I'd try it out and share. I don't ... Read More »

Which one is the TV guy and which is the Radio guy?

You don’t need the help…but for the record that is Cory Stark on the left Weekend Anchor on KMOV Channel 4.  The tie gave it away didn’t it?  LOL! Cory called to invite me and everyone to a special (virtual) party for Country Music’s Party of the Year!   Plus listen for details on how to win the Bandana’s Country Mega ... Read More »

Sabrina the Teenage Witch May Be Back…

Is Sabrina the Teenage Witch coming back? CLICK HERE for the latest! Sneak peek! Trying on swimsuits has never been so fun! Check back to see my favorite. #readyforspringbreak A photo posted by Melissa Joan Hart (@melissajoanhart) on Mar 28, 2016 at 6:23am PDT Read More »

This blog will help make your Easter perfect!

The reason for the season is best summed up with a performance by Dolly Parton at the CMA awards from 1989.  Watch all the way till the end…it’s so worth it.   When it comes to Easter and the kiddos here’s some tips that might help with coloring eggs, egg hunts and even some cute Easter jokes. When you’re making ... Read More »

Are you the 20%?

When we think of America…do you think America is a strong country?  Sure we have the best military and firepower to make us strong in the world.  However a strong America starts with each one of us to be stronger. In this world of binge watching, couch potato, and drive thru and delivery food it makes it so hard to ... Read More »

International Cochlear Implant Day is Thursday February 25

Hearing music may be something we take for granted until it’s gone or going. This blog is about those who have lost their hearing or it seems to get harder to hear each day that passes. If you or someone you know is dealing with partial or total hearing loss. First thing I’d like you to do is watch these ... Read More »