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Cornbread’s Worlds Largest Garage Sale – Fall 2013

It’s back! Join us on Sunday, September 15th from 8am-2pm for Cornbread’s World’s Largest Garage Sale at Fairmount Park in Collinsville, Illinois. Our friends at Mers Goodwill have once again made our event possible. If you’ve attended this event in the past, you know it is like 300 garage sales all in one place!  You won’t want to miss it!  From 8am-2pm, admission is just $5 and children under age 12 are FREE!  Get a head start on all other attendees by getting in up to 1 hour early.  Attendees wishing to shop early can pay $10 between 7a and 7:30am.  Doors will remain locked for general admission guests until 8am.

NOTE FROM CORNBREAD: If you didn’t make it or enjoy it under your roof, we don’t want it under ours. Mary Kay, Tupperware, Avon (or anything of that sort), and businesses are not eligible to sell goods/services at this garage sale. You will kindly be asked to leave and will not receive a refund for your booth/space.  See below for additional guidelines.

WHEN: Sunday, September 15, 8am-2pm; Early bird admission 7am-7:30am

WHERE: Fairmount Park in Collinsville, IL (click here for directions)

HOW MUCH: General admission – $5 per person, children age 12 and under are FREE; Early bird admission $10 per person, children age 12 and under are free.


Have questions about the garage sale or your booth purchase? CLICK HERE.

We’ll see you at Cornbread’s World’s Largest Garage Sale!

RESTRICTED LIST: If you are seen selling any of the following, you will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.  These guidelines will be strictly enforced.

  • Water, soda or beverages of any kind
  • Food, including treats for pets
  • Firearms or any sort of weapons
  • Animals, livestock and/or reptiles

Only extreme couponer/stockpile vendors that have participated in previous Cornbread Garage Sale events will be allowed to participate in this one.  We will not be accepting new vendors of this type moving forward.  Thank you for understanding.

It’s all about selling JUNK!


  1. I was at the garage sale this morning and saw a booth with furniture, including 2 dressers, and snowboard and other sporting items. I just found out my sister needs 2 dressers and was wondering how to get hold of the vendor. If the dressers are still there, I can come back up within an hour and get them. If I could have a way to contact the vendor, it would be a huge help. My friend and I spent over $200.00 there and I am willing to spend more. Please help. Thank you.
    Cornbread carried car ramps to my car for me. He even mentioned my cool parking job.