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Cornbread’s 2013 Roof-Top Rally

Cornbread is down from the roof and back in the 92 3 WIL studio, but only because they kicked him off the roof! If it weren’t for the loyal listeners of WIL, Cornbread would still be up there waiting for next season.

Below you can view, or listen to, all of the shenanigans Cornbread had while on the roof. Don’t forgot to view our video of his special guest!


Cornbread chops off a beard!

Here is more on Cornbread chopping off beards to show Cardinals Love!

Cornbread’s Favorite Cardinal’s Videos on YouTube


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  • Nancy Hendrix


  • C.W. Hughes

    Hey CB It’s CW. Maybe I’ll come by and sing Everybody Bleeds Red tomorrow. I’ll bring the PA and the truck. Keep the faith.

  • DonnaKat

    We need more sacrificial beards!!!

  • Trina Rothe

    I love what you do for Cardinal Nation CB!!! We need mor sacrificial beards!!! GO CARDS!