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OMG! Cupid Dog Ad will make you cry AND laugh on Tabasco Files 2/4/2015


Happy #TBT from #Tabascofiles!  We’re getting very close to Valentine’s Day, and I found the most sweet and adorable online ad that made me laugh, smile and cry all under 2  minutes!  you HAVE to see this!  All the dog wants is a walk!  And he brings his young couple owners back together all at the same time!  I dare ... Read More »

Miranda Lambert Talks Award Show Routine


The reason I wanted to play this is because Judi’s eyes got so big and started waving her arms like she was trying to fly! Then she told me this story: Ever since I was 4, I wanted to be an actor! I would dress up in my moms gown and my hair brush would be my mic and I would ... Read More »

Frozen Fever Continues! Tabasco Files 2/


This has to be the best reaction from a mom I’ve seen in a long time!  Her young adult son has been traveling abroad and she hasn’t seen him in over two years.  She THINKS he’s in Australia, but….SURPRISE!  WAIT til’ you see Her response!  It’s PRICELESS!  SHARE #TABASCOFILES OF THE DAY! Would you think of St. Louis as one ... Read More »

Maddie and Tae talk Emotional Hunger!


I love these girls, Maddie and Tae! I hope they can keep it up! Their first song came out HOT, “Girl in a Country Song.” They are just so cute! What is your emotional hunger?  I’ve never heard of that, I think women are more into that. There are times I want something special! Judi wants black olives, it reminds ... Read More »

Favorite Super Bowl XLIX Commercials!


I want everyone to think back to the Super Bowl and the commercials, the one for me was all these spammers were saying you’re fat, you’re this, and you’re that. Then the dude that takes care of all the computers in the world drops a Coke in the computer and then all the anger turns to love on the internet and ... Read More »

NON-Super Bowl Added “Judi’s Tabascofiles” for your Monday!


And, in case you weren’t interested or cared about yesterday’s Super Bowl, #Tabascofiles has a bit more of what’s HOT and Trending! Here is a FEEL GOOD about a 72 year old man Stephen Jepson who has the physicality of a person in their 20’s and it’s due to his positivity and his physical balance!  Check it out and maybe ... Read More »