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Lunch Link

Lunch Link


It’s a VIRAL world we’ll living in today, and I want to keep you in the know with all the trending, funny, hot topics swirling around on the internet! Every weekday on the Lunch Link I will share a video from the web that I think will make you LOL, make you say “WTH?” or maybe even leave you “SMH”.

I also want to know what you’re watching. What’s trending at your school, office, or home? What are you a fan of? Cat videos? Fail videos? Vlogs? Let me know. Share the link with me on the WIL Connect AppFacebookTwitter, or email it to me!

Lunch Link.. Sushi Challenge


If you are like me and I just don’t like Sushi all my friends are like omg it is so good! I think you have to have an acquired taste for it. But this video is of a dad betting his son 10 bucks to eat this one piece of sushi in under a minute! Do you think he eats ... Read More »

Lunch Link Katie Couric April fools joke


That was a nasty fall! Good thing it wasn’t really Katie and she had it all planned out perfectly! Her stunt double looked just like her! James Corden’s reaction was PRICELESS! Must watch!   Read More »