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It’s a VIRAL world we’ll living in today, and I want to keep you in the know with all the trending, funny, hot topics swirling around on the internet! Every weekday on the Lunch Link I will share a video from the web that I think will make you LOL, make you say “WTH?” or maybe even leave you “SMH”.

I also want to know what you’re watching. What’s trending at your school, office, or home? What are you a fan of? Cat videos? Fail videos? Vlogs? Let me know. Share the link with me on the WIL Connect AppFacebookTwitter, or email it to me!

Lunch Link. Man puts chainsaw down his pants.


THIEF TRIED TO HIDE CHAINSAW IN HIS PANTS _ A Florida shoplifter was caught on surveillance cameras trying to hide a chainsaw down the front of his pants. Unsurprisingly, employees spotted the massive tool and gave chase as he tried to escape. The thief jumped on a bike, flinging the saw into a wooded area, and got away. But he ... Read More »