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Each State’s Signature Food or Drink


Playboy” put together a list of each state’s signature food or drink. A lot of the picks are traditional, like cheese steaks in Pennsylvania and deep dish pizza in Illinois. Three states picked beer: Oregon, Wisconsin, and Delaware. And both Montana and Colorado went with Rocky Mountain oysters. Read More »

Lunch Link.. Sushi Challenge


If you are like me and I just don’t like Sushi all my friends are like omg it is so good! I think you have to have an acquired taste for it. But this video is of a dad betting his son 10 bucks to eat this one piece of sushi in under a minute! Do you think he eats ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Luke Bryan gets nailed in the face at a spring break show


I think I know why Luke Bryan said this is his last year of spring break. It’s a video of Luke Bryan at Spring Break getting nailed in the face with Mardi Gras beads! It looked like it really hurt, but he did finish out his performance! Read More »

Derrick’s Pet Of The Week


Meet Comet! ID#A590767 Comet is a 6-year-old Wheaton terrier mix with a loveably scruffy coat. Comet can be very shy around new people and situations, so he needs a forever family to ease him into his new life. He is a sweet dog who will make a great canine companion. To adopt: Apply in person at the Humane Society of ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Final Four did puppies get prediction right?


It was Final Four weekend and on Friday night Jimmy Kimmel brought out some puppies to see who would win! Do you think the Puppies got it right? Duke and Wisconsin met up during the season and Duke won by 10! So we will see who takes it all tonight! Read More »