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Lunch Link. New Luke song Spring Breakdown


Long before LUKE BRYAN started doing his spring break concerts, he was a crazy kid participating in the insanity. “People” magazine convinced him to share a few of those moments, plus a few things he’s learned along the way. Asked about his most regrettable spring break moment, he said, quote, “Probably back in high school. I funneled a little too ... Read More »

Lunch Link Iphone showing guitar strings sooo coool


Here’s a really cool thing about smart phones these days – the cameras! They put an Iphone inside the guitar and you would not believe what they captured! I guess you can’t see the movements of the strings with the naked eye, but with this camera you can! It’s crazy! You gotta check it out! Read More »

Lunch Link. Jet Skiing Bulldog


It’s pretty straight forward but it is a jet skiing bulldog! I dont know if it is Photoshopped or whatever they do but it is pretty cool! Check it out! Read More »

Lunch Link. Pranking a scammer :-)


If you are like me I love a good phone prank! Especially when you prank an actual scammer! Yeah this guy uncovered a scam that is going on online geared towards the elderly. They are trying to rip them off by fixing their computer that doesn’t need to be fixed! This guy acts like an elderly couple, he calls them ... Read More »

Lunch Link.. Skydive life saver.


A guy in Australia went skydiving back in November, and had a SEIZURE in mid-air. And he just posted the footage on YouTube. It happened at about 9,000 feet, and his instructor managed to get to him around 4,000 feet and pull his chute. Otherwise he would have died. (Search for “Guy Has Seizure While Skydiving.” They jump at :45, ... Read More »

Lunch Link. Dierks 90’s band with Miranda


So a lot of artists during their touring season have about 6 months on and 6 months off. Right now Dierks Bentley and he has a 90’s side band and dresses up in tight jeans, tank top, and a mullet! It’s hilarious! They actually do a lot of events! Read More »

Lunch Link. Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young.


Did you know Jimmy Fallon was musically talented? Seriously! He’s just amazing! Jimmy Fallon dressed up just like Neil Young and sang just like him too. Neil Young just has one of those voices that is hard to imitate and Jimmy nails it! Read More »

Lunch Link.. The FACE BLANKET?


You know how you see all these crazy infomercials and just when you think you’ve seen it all, well a brand new product has hit the market! It is called the Face Blanket! I don’t know if it’s serious or a joke. I am pretty sure it is serious and I’m pretty sure they will sell a lot of them! I ... Read More »