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Tabasco Wacky Wednesday Files! Hilarious Indiana Jones Race, Game of Thrones at Seth Meyers Dinner and more….


Check out this Indiana Jones Race!  Hilarious!   With Game Of Thrones starting it’s NEW SEASON this SUNDAY, Thought this was a great #Tabascofiles for all you G.O.T. Fans!  Seth Meyer had Jon Snow for Dinner!  He’s a bit overdressed for the weather…. Teletubbies is coming back, oh child of the 90’s!  Tinky winky, Dipsy and the gang…originally out of ... Read More »

Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel


Lane Bryant has taken a stab at those too skinny with “fake” boob models that are Victoria Secrets intimidation zone for so many women with a new Ad Campaign #ImNoAngel !  LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read More »

Tabasco Files Tuesday, 4/7/15


GREAT Treadmill Dancer Video got Viral and made it on Ellen!  I can barely walk, let alone run on a treadmill without falling off!  CHECK OUT what THIS dude can do:   Mr. Burger, Meet Mrs. King!  Awww, love at first bite!  Told deliciously by Buzz60! The Date is SET!  WILL Bruce Jenner actually TALK about his wanting to or ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Monday, April 6, 2015


Hope you had a nice weekend! HOW in the world could Sesame Street possibly parody “Game of Thrones”?Well, perhaps like thins   Are Canadian’s actually worse bullies than we American’s???? Check out the mean tweets this pregnant reporter received !  So mean! Does Birth order Affect the outcome of your personality?  Check out this video and see if you fit ... Read More »

Happy GOOD FRIDAY from Good #Tabascofiles!


When you were a kid, did your parents ever threaten to “Call the cops on you” when you were bad?  Or do you threaten your kids when their bad?  Check out this kids reaction when HIS mom threatens him because he took a cup from the restaurant! Sail gets rescued, been missing since January! Beautiful story and happy ending for ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Ain’t Foolin’ around!


So this week I posted a #tabascofiles that the Selfie Stick is being banned from certain concert venues, like Lalapalooza and Coachella.  Well, no worries for you selfie addicts!  Now comes THE Selfie SHOE BY MIZZ MOOZ! HOW THIS dad Bonds with his little baby!  SOOOO ADORABLE! I wonder if they recycle those bottles when they’re done? A guy on ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Tuesday March 31, 2015


Almost April Fools Day!  Do you have a prank you can’t wait to try on someone?  This is no joke, and it’s the latest thing folks are doing at weddings.  Putting a Go-Pro at the bottom of a bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage.  This Time, it’s a bottle of Tequila.  HERE’s what the BOTTLE got to see:   ... Read More »

Tabasco Files Monday March 30, 2015


In case you missed it, (or you are nowhere near any kid from the age of 6 thru 16, or their parents, and then some…) here were the winners form this past weekends Kids choice Awards from US Magazine:   US MAGAZINE KIDS CHOICE AWARDS WINNERS One of the highlights was Angelina Jolie winning for best villainous for her role as ... Read More »

THE latest APP you’ll Definitely WANT and the star of the SXSW Show!


It was released just last month, but it’s gaining fast on members!  SO HURRY AND JOIN, before they charge!  lol!  It’s a new live streaming app you can do from your phone!  And it’s soooooo much easier than so of those old ones like UStream that never did quite work just right.  it’s called “Meerkat” and it let’s anyone with ... Read More »