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Tabasco Files Thursday, January 29, 2015


Super Bowl Wishes Come true for terminally ill boy, and his reaction is beautiful!  It’s a “Get a Tissue” #Tabascofiles here: You know how much I LOVE the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars song “Uptown Funk” and on yesterday’s #Tabascofiles I shared a very cool arts teacher who did a flashmob video with his entire school.  TODAY’s uptown funk parody comes from ... Read More »

Have you heard of this new app People Keeper?


They have something out called People Keeper and it scientifically determines which people you should eliminate from your life, I’m not sure how it does that. It does this by somehow tracking your heart rate as you talk to people and tells who which of your friends make you the most stressed, nervous, and angry. Judi said that her son ... Read More »