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Grumpy LA man leaves $3 Million to Skid Row


Do you ever what the meaning of live is? Why are you here? What do people think about you? Are you just going to be a speck on this earth are people going to come to your funeral? Are people going to notice you? This grumpy old man in LA, he couldn’t make friends with anybody. Not his family, they were ... Read More »

The Bath Tub Debate!


Do you have a bathtub in any of the bathrooms in your home?  I have two.  I have never used either one.  Before my divorce, I lived in my Ex’s big house we bought together when we first moved here.   It had a huge bathtub, but, and this is weird, it was a jacuzzi style, without the jets!  What’s the ... Read More »

Dog Rage?

A bulldog left in an SUV apparently was not too fond of being left alone — especially with the windows up in Eureka, California. He made his situation known by blaring a car horn intermittently for minutes, off and on — becoming known as the “angry dog” or “road rage dog.” Someone videoed the dog and put it on YouTube Read More »