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He Wants YOU!


Does your man, look at other women?  Especially in bikini’s?  DON’T WORRY!  He STILL wants you!  Scientifically proven, so to speak! Read More »

Lunch Link Iphone showing guitar strings sooo coool


Here’s a really cool thing about smart phones these days – the cameras! They put an Iphone inside the guitar and you would not believe what they captured! I guess you can’t see the movements of the strings with the naked eye, but with this camera you can! It’s crazy! You gotta check it out! Read More »

Kelly Clarkson & Zac Brown Talk Internet Trolls


We have come up with a real complaining internet is was it does. It really isn’t happy with any choice that people in the limelight make. I don’t know if it is trolls or we have become very judgemental. I think because others can’t see us we just say what we want. Kelly Clarkson was too skinny and was wearing too ... Read More »