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Tabasco Files Monday, December 22, 2014


It takes a bit of time for her to get it, but the reaction when this little girl figures out she’s having a baby sibling on the way, is PRICELESS!  Got to about 2:40 and start from there:   Precious!  This Ad campaign is a winner at pulling at the heartstrings!  It’s an ad for a 3D Print company, and ... Read More »

Best Ad from World Cup. Does this beat our Super Bowl Ads? You be the judge!


McDonald’s is everywhere and including the World Cup in Brazil.  The Superbowl of Brazil and of course, with the World Cup, just like our SuperBowl, the Ads take center stage and this McDonald’s ad has been trending viral as one of the best: Thoughts? Read More »

Bend It Like Beckham!

For YEARS we women have had to endure gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Models in advertisements and making us feel less than perfect! Well, I say IT’S ABOUT TIME for This kind of Ad! Here is a sneak peak of David Beckham’s sexy Super Bowl Ad for HM! What do YOU think????   Read More »