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Graduation Lesson From STUDENT to Teacher!

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It’s graduation season, and I, personally, have been immersed in all things “High School Senior”!  Tonight, my Leo graduates high school.  As I write this my eyes are filled with tears that I’ve been holding back for months, it seems.  Last night was the Baccalaureate ceremony, which is a much more informal yet beautiful seminar Parkway North High puts on. ... Read More »

Hair Perfection?

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Or is it Hair Today Tool, Gone tomorrow to the trash?  Well, if it’s from Dyson, you KNOW it’s going to be expensive!  I’m talking about Dyson, the people behind the expensive but supposedly “best” vacuum on the market, now delivers the “Ultimate” in hair dryers.  I have yet to see in the videos (albeit I haven’t watched them all) ... Read More »

Disney Fanatics!

judi dereokee

My niece is doing a very  DIFFERENT podcast!  It’s called “Drawn2Disney” and they are going to be watching EVERY DISNEY movie ever made in chronological order and then review them!   Read More »


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In a month millions of high school and college seniors will be going out into the real world. What’s your deep — or not so deep — life advice. My best advice is the first one. Don’t borrow yourself rich with credit cards. Always encourage, never criticize. Listen twice as much as you talk, that’s why you have two ears ... Read More »