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Self driving cars…it’s actually happening!!!


Holy Moly…the future is HERE!!! Tesla has launched their new autopilot software!!! Now, it is the beta stage…brand new, and the first of it’s kind…so that means your car can’t TOTALLY drive itself….yet. They say that in a few months they hope to advance to where your car can drive you to and from work without you ever having to ... Read More »

Most Unexpected Michael Jackson Imitator EVER! This TEEN can DANCE!


At Pitman High School in  Turlock, California this kid stole the Talent Show with his spot on Michael Jackson ‘Billie jean” Dance!  CHECK it OUT!  This kid can DANCE: It’s already at about 2 million hits and yes, the kid did in fact win the contest and is #1 on today’s #tabascofiles on The Cornbread Show!   Read More »