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Miracle for a #MondayMotivation!


Saturday Night I was honored to be invited to a celebration and fundraiser for Stray Rescue St. Louis.  I had heard of the organization.  Seen clips here and there of what they do to help animals.  I have very good friends in media, Sherry Farmer and Julie Triston (I’ll get a broom for that name dropping! lol!).   I had NO ... Read More »

Snakes, Cats, Reporters & Bloopers OH MY!

HILARIOUS montage video of  T.V. Reporters and animals attacking them!  Whoever put this blooper reel together did a great job! Get animals together with Reporters and you get:  funny bloopers!  From snakes striking, to cats clawing, to eagles flying into reporters well kept mane of hair, ya never know what can happen when you work with babies or animals!  Guess ... Read More »