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What does Jason Aldean, Lance Lynn & Springsteen all have in common?

Jason Aldean at Fenway Park, 2013

They are all Little League Alumni.  The reason I bring this up, is Little League is celebrating their 75th Anniversary.    Although I did not grow up here, after living here for almost 10 years and becoming a complete Cardinals Fan, I realize the importance baseball has in so many of our WIL listeners.  It’s not just a sport, is a ... Read More »

Only in Missouri, Can a Senior Prank get “Peculiar” AND go Viral!


Only in Missouri, can things get “Peculiar” with a Hump Day Senior Prank, and go viral in the process!  Check it out: Wonder how our American Sportscasters would be evaluated by the Brits if they tried to do a Cricket Match Play By Play!  Check out this hilarious #tabascofiles Friday Laugh Video!  (Yes!  they are my people, those Brits!  Gotta ... Read More »

Hot Diggidy Dog Opening Day

Cornbread and Mac showed Judi everything there is to love about Cardinal Baseball on her first Game! In this CBTV Episode, CB talks about the best Dog at Busch Stadium! YUM! Read More »

Cardinals Ticketfest at McDonalds

McDonald’s is offering up to $100 million in Cardinals ticket discounts. Customers can get up to $50 off Cardinals tickets when they purchase one of four Extra Value Meals at McDonald’s: Big Mac Extra Value Meal Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal Two Cheeseburgers Extra Value Meal Customers will receive a ... Read More »