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Do YOU see my Ghosts?

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Do you believe in ghosts?    My house is from 1950, and ever since my son and I moved in, I’ve “felt” this “presence”.  Never scary or malicious, just a spirit or something that was “watching” over either the house, me and Leo, or both!  Anyway, While on vacay, my friend who was house sitting felt an odd “feeling” and took ... Read More »

Do YOU See the Ghost?

ghost or wine

Do YOU see the ghost?  I visited Estes Park, Colorado last August, and I stayed in an AirBnB cabin across from THIS EXACT hotel!  BUT, there was something that made me NOT want to take the tour!  Perhaps, it was …. a premonition that I’d see a ghost !  See the entire GHOST TALE HERE Read More »

Haunted Doll?

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How much do you believe in ghosts?  What about haunted “things”?  What about a Haunted Doll?  Let’s face it, we happen to live in a place that is surrounded by some of the most notorious of the “haunted” cities and places! Hello, ALTON ANYONE?!  Lemp Brewery?? Anyway, I’m in an old house (1950) and I always think I hear “things”. ... Read More »