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Do YOU See the Ghost?

ghost or wine

Do YOU see the ghost?  I visited Estes Park, Colorado last August, and I stayed in an AirBnB cabin across from THIS EXACT hotel!  BUT, there was something that made me NOT want to take the tour!  Perhaps, it was …. a premonition that I’d see a ghost !  See the entire GHOST TALE HERE Read More »

Haunted Doll?

screen grab judi

How much do you believe in ghosts?  What about haunted “things”?  What about a Haunted Doll?  Let’s face it, we happen to live in a place that is surrounded by some of the most notorious of the “haunted” cities and places! Hello, ALTON ANYONE?!  Lemp Brewery?? Anyway, I’m in an old house (1950) and I always think I hear “things”. ... Read More »