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I Jiggle Therefore I Am, Betty White Flashed and more on Tabascofiles 1/19/15


Betty White Got FLASHED and it’s so cute!  She recently turned 93 and in celebration on the studio lot where she films “Hot In Cleveland” she was greeted by an awesome Flash Mob and her reaction is priceless!  Check it out here: Based on a study in England, when asked why women who “wanted to exercise or go to the ... Read More »

Betty Or Veronica? Archie Makes His Choice!

VERONICA! According to a report from MSNBC, the cat has been let out of the bag of who Archie finally proposes to in an upcoming issue (due in Aug) of the Archies comics! Yes, they are still around! But the issue takes place five years later, the gang have all graduated from Riverdale and Archie is getting his first job ... Read More »

Will It Be Betty Or Veronica?

Finally it looks like Archie is going to make his pick between Betty and Veronica! Apparenty in some upcoming issues due out in August, the comic book redhead is gonna propose to either the snobby, rich, dark haired svelte and modelesque Veronica, or the cute, sweet perky Betty! it’s a six part story and in it he has finally graduated ... Read More »