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I’m a Bad Dad And I’m Proud of It

I'm a Bad Dad

I’m a bad Dad…all I buy for my kids are Legos and art supplies. A Dad from Hong Kong just bought his 7 year old daughter a $47 million dollar diamond. I’m a bad Dad…I give my kids cardboard boxes to make into playhouses. A Dad in Texas just bought his son a $54,000 New England Lodge Playhouse. I’m a ... Read More »

What Does “The Arch” Mean to YOU? #Arch50

arch pic 1

Happy birthday to our very own Monument, The Arch!  October 28, 1965, The St. Louis Gateway Arch was completed.  Originally it was built to memorialize The Westward expansion in the United States.  I’ll bet anybody who either grew up living near the massive, gleaming, impressive structure, or like myself, moved here, has visited the Arch at least one time.  Since ... Read More »

I Forgot My Mom’s Birthday Card

To Do

I wonder how I did? For some reason I scrolled thru my phone notes to the first entry…Feb 10, 2011. Here’s a pic of it. It’s obviously a to-do list. It’s obviously a to-do list from my wife…otherwise why would I be going to Ulta? But, why am I getting a B-Day card for Mom? I love Mom and I ... Read More »