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Tabasco Files for Sept 11 2014


Remembering 911, The Survivor Tree , a great poem about 911: All ya need is a diaper, guitar, 10 gallon cowboy hat, and the music of Billy Currington to get this adorable little Cowboy rockin!   Blake Shelton is hawking bacon pizza but he does it sooooo well:   and today’s FEEL GOOD #tabascofiles share of the day comes, once ... Read More »

Blake’s New Video & Cole Swindell’s Album Released


ICYMI, Blake Shelton’s new music video for ‘Doin’ What She Likes” is  sure to make you laugh. It shows Blake’s tender side along with his humor! (Make sure you watch the whole thing!) Cole Swindell’s self-titled album was released today! Buy it on iTune NOW.     Read More »

Blake’s Bromances


Blake and Miranda are one of Country’s hottest couples, but that doesn’t mean Blake doesn’t keep his bromace flames alive. Taste of Country put together a list of Blake’s Top 5 Bromances! Which Country Artist would you like to get your lips on this Valentine’s Day?   Read More »

Super Bowl and Country Music

Get Your Country On   92.3 WIL Blake Shelton   YouTube

The Super Bowl hasn’t given much love to Country Music. Halftime shows are usually a Rock or Pop act. However, Blake and Miranda did a phenomenal job singing “America the Beautiful” before the National Anthem  in 2012, but that’s the closet Country music has gotten to the halftime action in a long time. But when will Super Bowl halftime feature ... Read More »

Jay Leno’s Final Guests


Jay Leno’s last week as the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show will feature some great guests, including performances by Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks. Blake and Garth have both been on Leno before… You are going to want to check out this Retrospective Reel Jay Leno put together for Garth Brooks! Remember Blake’s reaction to Adam Levine being named ... Read More »

Blake Shelton Announces Summer Tour

Get Your Country On   92.3 WIL Blake Shelton   YouTube

Previous Jinglefest artist, Blake Shelton just announced his 2014 summer tour, Ten Times Crazier Tour. Sadly, St. Louis is not on the list, but Chicago is!  Ticket sales information will be released next week on First Announced Cities of the Ten Times Crazier Tour 2014: Austin, TX Dallas, TX Little Rock, AR Chicago, IL New York, NY Darien Center, ... Read More »

Celebrity Calls and WHO DID WE MISS?

Breadhead’s know a LOT of celebrities!  Here’s some of the celebrities that called in on your behalf to try and win tickets.  Rams Linebacker Wil Witherspoon, Al Hrabosky, Daryll Strawberry, Matt Hughes, Randy Couture, Travis Pestrana, Engleberg from Bad News Bears, Scotty Scwartz (The kid that licked the flag pole in A Christmas Story), 6 is a Serious Number Dude ... Read More »