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BEST place to find your FAVORITE Team Sports Gear…and then some!


Yesterday I got to make an appearance at the Rally House in Fenton, Missouri.  Whether you bleed red for our beloved St. Louis Cardinals, bleed Blue for our St. Louis Blues, or go for any of our areas College teams like Mizzoui!  We’ve got Rams, and SLU Bilikens gear!  They have EVERYTHING here!  Take a look at the video I ... Read More »

Reed Low Dad Story

Blues Reed Low was listening to the Cornbread Show this morning and the calls we were taking about the best dads! Well, he called into the show with his story on why his dad is the best dad…and how his dad changed the course of his life! And we, as Blues Fans, are lucky for it! Take a listen:   ... Read More »

St. Louis Has The Blues

There’s a lot that we can be proud of here in St. Louis! Our Champion Cardinals, The BEST Children’s Hospitals, The ARCH and of course, the birthplace of the Blues! And NOW We’re gonna get a museum and well deserved at that! WE MADE NATIONAL NEWS, PEEPS! Proud to be a St. Louisan! Check it out: Read More »

Five Dollar Software!

I stumbled upon a great site, so I thought I’d pass it on. Let’s face it, software for your computer can get pretty expensive. But there’s some great educational software out there for your kids to learn everything from their ABC’s, to help for high schoolers doing Trig! I happen to love finding new recipes, and although you can find ... Read More »