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Mom of Pacific student targeted with cruel prank called me.

Local Country singer Rickie Lee Tanner posted on Facebook this message Sunday: My mentally challenged teenage daughter was nominated for homecoming court as a joke by her peers. The kids found out that her only friend is her pet duck so they thought it would be funny to throw duck eggs at her in the parade and make quacking noises ... Read More »


Toys R Us, Amazon, Target… they’ll all have a hot toys list. But guess what: they’re all trying to sell toys! That’s like McDonald’s telling us this year’s hot Thanksgiving side-dish will be 20-piece McNuggets. Give me a break. CNN — which doesn’t sell toys — has done some research and thinks these will be hot. Illumivor Mecha-Shark Price: $89.99 ... Read More »

Bomb Girls on Reelz

You know that image of Rosie the Riveter, if you look close…you’ll see that’s actually actress Ali Liebert. Ali plays the part of Betty on the new REELZ Original Series Bomb Girls tonight at 9pm! Ali called into WIL and we talked about this amazing series that shows the amazing things women had to handle during WWII. Take a listen. ... Read More »

Borderline Hoarder…Stash it or Trash it?

Tired of clutter? Don’t know what to pitch and what to keep? And by Pitch I mean SELL at Cornbreads Garage Sale. YEAR-OLD PRESCRIPTIONS – TRASH ‘EM. It’s not like a wine cellar. They aren’t getting better with time. With antibiotics, shelf life is even shorter. They’re prescribed for a specific condition for a specific period of time, so when ... Read More »

Summer by the number$$$$

So how’s the summer been for your wallet? A new survey from American Express says families will spend more than $16 billion entertaining children this summer. The wealthy spend upwards of $1,116 per child. Here’s the breakdown: _ Day trips: $208 average cost per child vs. $341 for affluent families _ Sports participation: $180 vs. $262 _ Educational activities: $139 ... Read More »


Everything in life comes down to math, and new motherhood is no exception. Think about it: You wonder how many hours it’s been since your son last ate; what time your daughter woke up; and how many days it’s been since you’ve had a shower. Numbers. They don’t lie. From CafeMom, here’s a quick mathematical breakdown for new moms, and ... Read More »


If you are wondering why American Idol is having so many judge changes…well here is why one judge isn’t coming back. Steven Tyler is finally opening about why he decided to move on from American Idol after just two seasons at the judges’ table. Initially, the rocker just said that he wanted to spend more time working with his band ... Read More »