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I’m a huge fan of dog movies…mmm…wonder why? Well check this out a big screen adaptation of the newspaper comic Marmaduke is in the works. The comic revolves around a mischievous Great Dane who lives with the Winslow family. It hasn’t been decided whether Marmaduke will be a live-action film, animated or a bit of both. I’m guessing Tim Allen ... Read More »

Nascar’s Digger is the next animated superstar!

Can you imagine a Digger theme park? Could happen. Wow…Fox is so proud of thier little underground cartoon dude. He definately got a whole lotta face time on the Daytona 500. If you missed it or want to see it over and over well here it is. Read More »

Kenny Chesney says he prefers donuts with a hole over eclairs!

In a recent interview with Food & Wine magazine, Kenny Chesney denied a longstanding rumor that he prefers the French pastry known as the éclair to the more conventional American ring-shaped donut. “For someone to imply that I would prefer the éclair is, to me, very hurtful. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love regular donuts, round ... Read More »

Trailer Choir made a stop into the Bunkhouse…take a listen to it!

Of course, Trailer Choir made a stop in St. Louis to appear on St. Louis Country airdate will be 2/14 but they also stopped by the bunkhouse for a quick visit…think I got’em to bark? (L to R) Crystal, Big Vinny, Me, Daisy, Butter Oh by the way, that pretty lady standing in front of me is my Daisy and ... Read More »

Learn the Big Dawg’s Bunkhouse Boogie…if you understand this kinda thing.

BIG DAWG BUNKHOUSE BOOGIE Dedicated to Bo Matthews from WIL92.3 Choreographed by: Joyce Warren (Oct 2008) Music: “Bid Dog Daddy” by Toby Keith A 48 count, 2 Wall Line Dance 1,2,3,4 – Stomp Rt Ft fwd, Hold & Clap (optional “Bark”), Stomp Left Ft fwd, Hold & Clap (optional “Bark”) 5,6,7,8 – Kick Rt Ft fwd 2x, Step back on ... Read More »

Pearl Heart visits the Bunkhouse!

Pearl Heart originally from Florissant came into town from Nashville to help me co-host St. Louis Country (airdate 12/27) But they stopped by the Big Dawgs’ Bunkhouse…check this out…they bark in harmony! Take a listen to our visit. Good luck ladies! RROOFF!! Read More »