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Mysterious Priest or Angel? Miracle in Missouri!

Mysterious Priest or Angel?  Or do we need an explanation for a miracle? Have you ever had a moment that you felt you were “Touched By An Angel”? I totally believe in Angels.  My mother told me a story I will never forget how she was touched by an “Angel”.   My mother was raised by a single mom, in a ... Read More »

Super Commuter

What is the longest commute to work you’ve ever had? I just bet it wasn’t as long as this local St. Louis Preacher! How about 800 miles! EACH WAY! Check out the story courtesy our friends at KSDK! Read More »

IMPORTANT!! How to Stop Car when out of control

This friend of mine sent me this video and with all the news about cars increasing in speed…and its not just Toyota…this is good for anyone to see. Take the 3 minutes to watch this & be sure you pass it on to your loved ones. Read More »