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Insert Hockey Puck Here

Hockey Puck in Mouth

There are times I just don’t think and end up with a hockey puck in my mouth. Yesterday my email was full of…how shall I put this nicely…”unfriendly emails”… because I threw blue pens away on the show. Quick backstory. Jeane and I were talking Cardinals and I decided an easy way to show support  was to get rid of ... Read More »

She’s Never Heard of Who’s On First!


Jeane and I were talking with Kelsea Ballerini today, she sings ‘ Love Me Like You Mean It’, and I asked her if she’d heard the Abbott and Costello routine, ‘Who’s on First’. (Jeane and I were watching it when she called and it was fresh in our minds) Turns out Kelsea has never heard it…HORRORS! What is the world ... Read More »

It’s Good To Be A Cardinals Fan

Jim Cardinals Hat

It’s been so long since I’ve lived in a championship city. I’m digging this Cardinals love. I grew up in Maryland during the Redskins dominance of the 80’s. I went to college in Columbus, Ohio and bleed the scarlet and gray of The Ohio State University, but then I moved. I spent the next 17 years living in great cities ... Read More »

It’s Good For the Cards to Deliver Coffee


Cardinal rookies get coffee for the big boys…LOVE IT. I remember when I first started in radio, I worked 2a-6a and then stayed in the studio producing the morning show until 10a. The only time I left the studio was when Bob Simpson, the morning show host, got hungry. He’d say, “Jimbo, run across to Burger King and get me ... Read More »

Ghost Caught on Camera and Yadi ATTACKED! #Tabascofiles is ON


Here’s your #humpday #tabascofiles for Wednesday, june 18, 2014!  Thanks for your ears, eyes and shares!  First up, I had NO IDEA that choosing All Stars could be SO political!  Now, I do KNOW this is tongue in cheek, but to attack Yadi AND our beloved Cardinals personally?  Just for some votes?  COME ON!  Check it out: Optical illusion ... Read More »

Get a Job at Ballpark Village!

cb cards rally

Several job fairs will be held to fill positions for Ballpark Village. Sessions are being held in downtown St. Louis and will take place on February 4, February 18, and March 4, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at SLATE Missouri Career Center. The MCC is located at 1520 Market Street, and the sessions take place in the first floor ... Read More »