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What’s the POINT of Gift Cards?

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Holiday Season!  Good Food, Good Friends and Family, Good Times.  I do love the holiday season, and my favorite part is giving gifts.  I LOVE to really take my time to consider each person and try to tailor a gift that is specific TO that person.   I think for me, it’s how I show that I care about them.  How ... Read More »

Tabasco Files #TGIF September 19, 2014

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A Video has gone viral of a guy who was the first person in line in Perth, Australia to get the brand new iPhone 6. BUT as soon as he got it, dropped his brand new iPhone 6 on the ground in front of media, scratching the screen. “As soon as I knew I’d dropped it I thought someone was ... Read More »

Judi’s BFF Club

Do you have a best friend? I recently went through a divorce and my best friend Kate literally got me through times when I was crying in a fetal position. Well The Fox Sports Midwest Girls Are all about best friends and they want to celebrate by inviting some Breadheads to Judi’s BFF Club Ladies Day at the Cardinal Game ... Read More »

Join the Big Dawg Bandwagon and send a card to Matt White.

Listener Denise sent me a message saying that her nephew Matt was in bad shape and needs a boost. 15 year old Matt White was working on a house with his uncle on Friday February 13th, 2009 and as they were cleaning up the jobsite they were carrying a ladder when it touched a power line and injured both of ... Read More »

Help our soldiers!!!

Bo I recently spoke to you a little over a week ago about Kirlins Hallmark stores. We are doing a program called Setniments 4 Soliders. Basically what it is that customers can purchase a box of Christmas Cards for $5.00 they are normanally sold for $9.99. Or they can make a cash donation to go towards buying a box. We ... Read More »