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Got room for a cat or dog? Click here.

Let me introduce you to Sketch and Doodle! If you’ve been even just thinking about adopting a kitten, puppy, dog or cat…let me help you!  DO IT!!!  You’ll be so glad you did. Unconditional love is what you’ll get when you do.  There are thousands of great choices of cats and dogs in the Midwest and you can begin your ... Read More »

Fish Tale

So, my son Leo is really into being an outdoorsman. He doesn’t like to use the store bought rod and reel his Grandparents got him for fishing. He makes his own Reel using a broken tree branch, some wire he found on the ground, and a hook he made out of twigs. Doesn’t matter the tools, as you can see ... Read More »

Wanna laugh?

Nothing is more opposite than a cat and a dog. You have your hot and cold, your sun…your moon…fast…slow…young…old…how much more different can you get than a cat and a dog. Read More »