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Why Should YOU watch this?

I’m HOOKED! Maybe you’ve heard the buzz.  I was bugged by a friend over and over again with “Have YOU watched ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK yet on Netflix”?  Finally just to satisfy my friend, I watched the first episode.  I AM HOOKED! Completely and totally worth the $7.99 I pay a month for my Netflix subscription.  (As if Downton ... Read More »

No Poo Day 5

I’ve been emailed and asked how the “No shamPOO” thing is going.  Cornbread keeps thinking I’m nuts.  Baking soda, water, vinegar (see original NO POO Blog here: Do you think I’m crazy for trying it? Read More »

Can YOU No Po?

It’s actually not a new trend, it started in 2009.  It’s the art of having beautiful, healthy hair…by NOT shampooing!   My Niece after using No Shampoo!! She LOVES it According to people who love the the act of NOT shampooing, these are some of the benefits they tout: More body Less oily hair days Exponentially less frizz (This is ... Read More »

Did She Say “I Do”?

SOOOOO SWEET!!! I am an incurable romantic!  Thanks to Youtube, there have been some pretty amazing wedding proposals from all over the world that have made many laugh, cry and shout to their computer screens “JUST SAY YES”!  One of my favorites happens to also star the very funny and talented Zach Braff!  I guess Zach must be good friends ... Read More »

To…The House That Built Me

WHO is THAT? YES, THAT’s ME as a kid!  Braces were very helpful, thank you very much!   Wow, this week has FLOWN by!  Been in L.A. since last Saturday for a “Vacation” to see my parents, sister, brothers and long time friends I grew up with. Now, if you have ever spent your “vacation” visiting back home, then you ... Read More »

ONE Fashion Item MUST Have!

They HAVE ALL been styled by Ola!  and now so are Judi’s Chick Click members!  Meet Ola! Forget the “LBD”  (That’s short for Little Black Dress). The fashion item must have, according to our own “Chick Click” Stylist, Ola is (drumroll….) A GREAT Pair of Designer Jeans!  I agree, actually!  And I actually found a GREAT pair at Goodwill, believe ... Read More »

What The 4th?

It’s ALWAYS fun to celebrate America’s Birthday in a fun and patriotic, crazy style, I always say!  But, EVERYONE wears a flag t-shirt!  I wanted to see what different styles and makeup tips that I could find for my Chick Click to pass on to YOU!  I found the wonderful Kandee Johnson who is fun and crazy and has some ... Read More »

Lies, Spies and Mommies Eyes

A few weeks back we talked about a local ST. Louis Man who has come up with a smartphone App to help parents spy on their kids. Well, at the time, Breadhead “Linda” called to share with us her opinion.  That she would NEVER spy on her 17 year old daughter because it was wrong to spy on your kids ... Read More »

Would YOU Wear This?

Spray on Fashion!   Watch the video all the way through!  At first, I thought it was CRAZY!  But when I saw that you can wash it, re-ware it or desolve and start again….I’m SOLD! Can you JUST IMAGINE the possibilities? Would YOU wear Sprayable Fashion?   Read More »

Face it: Marriage and Your Mug!

  According to a new study the shape of your face could possibly play a role in determining how long your relationships last, according to a new study.  So DO YOU have a Face for Marriage? In the research, men were shown pictures of women’s faces and they had to decide which ones they would choose for long-term relationship and ... Read More »