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MANLY Gifts!

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I know Bo had done a couple Facebook posts on what Women and Men (separately) want for Christmas!  GREAT responses!  But, seriously, I think men are difficult to shop for!  Most of the men in my family always say “I don’t need anything”, and for the most part, they’re right!  I think it’s because men have a tendency to buy ... Read More »

Your Christmas Lights Could Screw Up Your Wi-Fi

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Want a reason not to get the ladder out and hang Christmas lights this year, well here it is.  Your family will TOTALLY accept.  They might even THANK you for your laziness. Your Christmas lights could screw up your Wi-Fi. A British tech company studied how Christmas lights affect your Wi-Fi, and found that the electromagnetic interference from the lights ... Read More »

What’s the POINT of Gift Cards?

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Holiday Season!  Good Food, Good Friends and Family, Good Times.  I do love the holiday season, and my favorite part is giving gifts.  I LOVE to really take my time to consider each person and try to tailor a gift that is specific TO that person.   I think for me, it’s how I show that I care about them.  How ... Read More »

More Toys Please

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It’s so cool when someone gives you a toy. I know, the toys aren’t for us…we’re working with the Salvation Army to give them to boys and girls who won’t get presents this year…but, there’s something amazing about holding a toy that you know is going to make a kiddo smile. I’ll bet that’s what Santa feels every Christmas. Collect ... Read More »

Jim & Jeane’s 1,000 Toys for Girls and Boys


  Here’s the down and dirty. Jeane and I want to collect 1,000 toys and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. If that means standing in front of Walmart and asking every person who goes inside to buy a toy…we’ll do it. If that means driving to 100 different business and picking up toys they collected…we’ll do ... Read More »

Tabasco Files #Festivus, Christmas Eve Eve Files!


Happy #Festivus Day on #tabascofiles!  The Seinfeld created Holiday that is a “non-denominational holiday celebration that includes airing of Grievances and a pole”!  So Happy Festivus and may your pole be straight and your grievances few!  Got any grievances? Mine would be Isis and Ebola! And trending today on Tabasco files The St. Louis Blues version of “Home Alone” is ... Read More »

Boys Dream Comes True, and viral!


4 yr old Carson Has ALWAYS wanted to be a UPS delivery man, and his dream has come true, thanks to a very kind UPS Gentleman:   AND, Look who came to ST. LOUIS To see GARTH BROOKS! One of my IDOLS. Garth… You are a MASTER of your craft. I am in awe of you, still. A photo posted ... Read More »

Beautiful Heart Beats A Symphony & THE BEST homemade instructables


Tabasco files for your #finallyFriday #tabascofiles is here: First up: Feel Good Friday Story!  A young man was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2.  As happens, with many autistic individuals, they excel immensely in other ways like math, or art or have uncanny musical abilities.  What they lack in social normalcy, they many excel in other areas of the ... Read More »