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Happy! Happy! Happy!

kelly smiling

Why are these people happy? There is a reason!  What is the happiest place in the world?  It ain’t Disneyland, according to a new study!  According to a recent study, you might be surprised what city appears to be the happiest!  So we decided to have a little fun around the Radio Ranch here at 92 3 WIL, St. ... Read More »

Famous Shopping Spree

Famous Footware is having a GRAND OPENING celebration at their new location in Crystal City, MO! And to celebrate, Judi got to go on a Shoe Crazy Shopping Spree for the great cause “Dress For Success” which helps women that are trying to get back into the workplace with clothes and shoes that they can not afford! Judi will be ... Read More »

Slogan Schmogan!

I just read that Los Angeles has decided to come up with a new Slogan for an upcoming two million dollar ad campaign to try and draw tourists to their city. The new slogan: “That’s So L.A.”! Personally, having lived in L.A., I think I could’ve come up with something better. Like maybe “Come to L.A….Leave Your Brains Behind!” or ... Read More »