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The Tobasco Files: #hotoffthepress

My mom taught Me....

HOTP!  New For YOU!  New on The Cornbread Show!  I’m gonna have the Top Trending Buzz perfect for all those work or school conversations every day on the Cornbread Show for you!  Did I miss anything?  Always let me know, and if YOU have an inside Scoop, Email me and I’ll make sure you get all the credit!  Here’s Today’s ... Read More »

Twin Boys Have Conversation

I’ve heard it many times said that twins have a special language when they communicate with each other! I think it starts in the womb! check out these cute, adorable baby boys having their own conversation! Viral Video again! Enjoy and glad I could make you smile! Read More »

What Are You Saying With Your Body?

It is said that something like 50% of information that is communicated from a person is non-verbal. Having said that (pardon the pun), here are some definitions of body language thanks to I think a lot of these make sense, some I was surprised at. No matter what, after reading the list I bet you’re just a bit more ... Read More »