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Denim & Diamonds

This guy has done several video’s on Youtube that are all about Cowboy Boots. This is my favorite one! He really knows his boots! Wanna know what kind of boots are right for you? There are so many to choose from! Watch this video FIRST before you get your “Boots On” (As Randy Houser would say!) Read More »

Biggest Halloween Costumes of 2009!

Still haven’t found the perfect costume yet? Here’s a video that gives you the top 2009 costumes that you might just see a lot of you! LOVED the swine flu and Octomom one! Check out the video and comment with your ideas! Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

All right, it is Monday Morning and I feel it is absolutely necessary to give ya’ll some juicy Hollywood Gems! How ELSE can you get to feeling better about your own life then to know, if you were famous….well, it ain’t THAT great! Here’s the latest in Hollywierd (and thanks to and for some of the scoop!): In ... Read More »

Tinker Bell Gets A NEW LOOK!

Tinkerbell not only has a new movie coming out on DVD called “Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure” due out October 27th, but she has a NEW LOOK! And it’s about time that Tink dropped that skimpy little outfit for something more practical! She does more than just fly around, she’s a smart little active lady and I think her ... Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

This, to me, is funny, strange and weird! With Halloween coming up, there are lots of girls (and I suppose maybe a few boys….oooookkkkayyy) who want to be Barbie! Watch how this girl transforms herself into Barbie with her “Perfect Plastic Skin”! YIKES!!! Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

I just HAD to share this cute video! Filmed many years ago, it predicted what we’d be wearing in the 2000’s. Did they get some of it right? Watch the part at the end with the guy having the phone on him! Hilarious! Happy Trending! Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

Apparently Bravo is going to make as much money as they possibly can off the very popular Real Housewives series. Ya can’t blame em’, but that doesn’t mean I’M going to be buying any of this stuff. What I’m talking about is a Real Housewives inspired Fashion Line! Yes, it is produced by Bravo. Some of the ladies dress great, ... Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

The big news at the VMA’s was, of course, the whole Kanye/Taylor fiasco. But aside from that, this year Taylor did not do the red carpet interviews as she did in the past. And she was asked what would be her advice to “Twilights” Ashley Greene who handled the duties at the pre -awards celeb “runway”! Besides the typical boring ... Read More »

Denim and Diamonds

Tomorrow night we’re gonna be at Wild Country Nightclub for the taping of St. Louis Country! It’s always such a fun time, the DJ spins the best country tunes, great dancing (beginner and advanced are always welcome!) and, of course, the people! So if you’ve never been out to Wild Country, perhaps you’re afraid you don’t know what to wear, ... Read More »