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What does Couch Skiiing Look Like?


Did you know that Facebook advertises to get Facebook Ads?  This is one of them called Couch Skiiing and it’s funny: Kids react to Rotary Phones: Ya ever get a funny reaction from a kid on “old” technology? and speaking of new technology, Selfie’s arent’ going anywhere anytime soon, and this new award winning FREE App is making taking Selfies ... Read More »

Tinker Bell Gets A NEW LOOK!

Tinkerbell not only has a new movie coming out on DVD called “Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure” due out October 27th, but she has a NEW LOOK! And it’s about time that Tink dropped that skimpy little outfit for something more practical! She does more than just fly around, she’s a smart little active lady and I think her ... Read More »