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WHO is Siri? Meet her HERE


WHO is Siri?  Ever wanna know the face behind the voice?  Siri who knows EVERYTHING!  Meet her here: and the Time Magazine article:,32068,2718265214001_2153906,00.html       Read More »

Face it: Marriage and Your Mug!

  According to a new study the shape of your face could possibly play a role in determining how long your relationships last, according to a new study.  So DO YOU have a Face for Marriage? In the research, men were shown pictures of women’s faces and they had to decide which ones they would choose for long-term relationship and ... Read More »

She The Most Beautiful

We’ve got a picture here of a woman who has the MOST BEAUTIFUL FACE in the world . . . mathematically, anyway. –She’s 18-year-old Florence Colgate of Kent, England, and she’s a blonde-haired, blue-eyed student who works at a stand that sells French fries. And she was picked from more than 8,000 candidates in a contest to find the PERFECT ... Read More »


Hey gang got another way to spend you working hours on the computer! The Midwest Dairy Association has launched a new Facebook app called “Butter-Fy Yourself” that allows you to create and share of image of yourself that replicates the butter statues often created for state fairs. To butter-fy yourself, you just select a photo from Facebook or your desktop ... Read More »