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6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon has been beat!

A study of social media analyzed over 5.2 billion connections on Twitter and determined that there are actually just five connections separating you from most everyone else (possibly including Kevin Bacon). On average, Twitter users have five degrees of separation between each other — meaning nearly everyone within Twitter is only five steps away. Of all friendship distances, five steps ... Read More »

Well get a load of the new Facebook game.

The point of the game is that people post a picture of themselves lying somewhere. So that means in the middle of the road, bars, trees and so on. Where will you lie down? Click the gallery for some fun examples to help you get your GAME ON!!! Read More »

Social Media Is Like Recess

You KNOW Social Media is everywhere when your father or grandfather are Facebooking! Or better yet, twittering!!! I have to admit, I’m really big on social media. And if you think to yourself, what the heck IS social media anyway? Trust me, if you’re on a computer, whether at home or work, you’re probably doing it and don’t even know ... Read More »