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Addicted to Farmville

I do believe I’ve become addicted to Farmville. But I don’t take complete blame, thank you very much! I blame my wonderful Facebook friends who got me to start playing Farmville and then continue me on the path of Farmville addiction by enticing me with lots of free gifts and animal hands! I can’t help myself! The thrill of constantly ... Read More »


A New Jersey preacher has told his 1,100 member flock that using Facebook is a sin, and has asked 50 married officials of his church to delete their accounts or resign. Reverend Cedric Miller thinks that 20 married couples in his Living Word Christian Fellowship Church are a representative sample, leading him to conclude that Facebook leads to adultery. The ... Read More »

Facebook… THE FACTS.

In anticipation of the movie, The Social Network, which hits theaters tomorrow (Friday), we thought we’d throw out some random facts about everyone’s favorite social networking site: Facebook. _ The average Facebook user has 130 friends and is connected to 60 pages, groups and events. He is most likely to be married and white. Facebook users tend to be older ... Read More »


Facebook announced Wednesday morning it has reached its 500 millionth member. … Facebook has amassed 100 million new members since February alone. … Facebook users have uploaded 50 billion photos (and tagged 15 billion of them). … Einstein, Twain, Wilde, Gandhi and Shakespeare are among the most quoted people on profiles. … Nearly 20% of users list themselves as single, ... Read More »

Things you should NEVER Post on Facebook!

Let’s face it, we LOVE Social Media! Be it Twitter, Myspace, Digg or the most popular of all…Facebook, we enjoy sharing our day to day activities, thoughts and photos! But that doesn’t mean you should be sharing information that could get you in trouble! Crooks are scouring the net for unsuspecting victims! More and more employers (and potential employers) are ... Read More »


Social networking sites are great for sharing photos and information, but unfortunately, they are just as great for getting that personal information into the wrong hands. Using a weak password Avoid simple names or words you can find in a dictionary, even with numbers tacked on the end. Instead, mix upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. A password should ... Read More »

6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon has been beat!

A study of social media analyzed over 5.2 billion connections on Twitter and determined that there are actually just five connections separating you from most everyone else (possibly including Kevin Bacon). On average, Twitter users have five degrees of separation between each other — meaning nearly everyone within Twitter is only five steps away. Of all friendship distances, five steps ... Read More »

Well get a load of the new Facebook game.

The point of the game is that people post a picture of themselves lying somewhere. So that means in the middle of the road, bars, trees and so on. Where will you lie down? Click the gallery for some fun examples to help you get your GAME ON!!! Read More »

Social Media Is Like Recess

You KNOW Social Media is everywhere when your father or grandfather are Facebooking! Or better yet, twittering!!! I have to admit, I’m really big on social media. And if you think to yourself, what the heck IS social media anyway? Trust me, if you’re on a computer, whether at home or work, you’re probably doing it and don’t even know ... Read More »